Obese Woman to Walk 8873 Miles: Advertising Opportunity

Non-profit weight loss organization, LiveFit Revolution, announces sponsorship opportunity for companies wanting to increase their visibility and create brand connections with health and wellness.

On July 20th, 2013, Malene Comes, an obese woman, will start an 8873-mile walk around the United States. Ms. Comes is dedicating the effort to challenging the stigmas and discrimination around obesity, and empowering other obese people with tools and resources for weight loss and overall health. The journey will begin and end in Bodega Bay, CA, and is expected to take Ms. Comes well over a year to complete. Ms. Comes plans to use social media, radio and television appearances, and speaking engagements to spread her message of non-discrimination against obese people and encourage weight loss among Americans.

LiveFit Revolution has teamed with Ms. Comes to publicize this momentous journey. LiveFit Revolution is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that provides resources to help and empower people in their struggles with obesity and weight loss efforts. Ms. Comes has begun an ebid auction, requesting bids from companies wishing to feature their brand logo on the shirts and jackets she will wear every day during her journey. The winning bid will be paid directly to the non-profit LiveFit Revolution, so it will be considered a tax-deductible donation. The winning company’s contribution will be publicized and they will receive several other opportunities to get visibility through Ms. Comes’ walk, which will forge connections between their brand and fitness and healthy living.

Ms. Comes plans to speak at engagements along her route to challenge the prevailing view that obese people are wholly to blame for their condition. She explains: “Obesity is a painful medical condition that is made so much worse by the discrimination we face every single day. It is time we empower ourselves, not just to lose weight but to overcome the discrimination so weight loss is put in its 'right medical context'."

Describing her motivation for taking on this long-distance challenge, Ms. Comes said: “I didn’t know my biological mother well, but I know she died at 56 years old weighing well over 400 pounds. At 41 years old, I realized it is time I truly deal with my weigh, and get it under control so I can live the life I want to live. I wanted to help myself, but I really also wanted to be able to reach out and help others who struggle like I have struggled!"

According to the CDC, approximately 300,000 people die from obesity-related illnesses each year. In comparison breast cancer kills 32,000 each year. It is important to understand the magnitude of the amount of deaths caused by obesity. Yet, due to the stigma and discrimination toward obese people, far fewer resources are dedicated to fight obesity. It is Ms. Comes’ belief that the time has come for everyone to approach obesity constructively. She hopes her walk and the support of corporate sponsors will help Americans focus on healthy lifestyle choices and weight loss, while putting an end to the shame and discrimination surrounding the medical problem of obesity.

Departing Bodega Bay CA, Ms. Comes plans to first head south into San Francisco. From there she will follow a southern route toward Alabama, hoping to reach Mobile AL just before Christmas 2013. Following a brief Christmas break, Ms. Comes will walk up the Eastern seaboard, arriving in New York City in mid-spring. From New York, she will briefly head into Ontario Canada, before returning to traverse the northern states en route back to the Pacific coast. The final leg of her trek will bring her back to Bodega Bay CA in fall of 2014.

Ms. Comes has several other sponsorship opportunities, related to her walk to battle obesity and encourage weight loss

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