NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer James Medows Launches New Website

The Law Office of James Medows has launched a newly-redesigned website in January 2016 to help clients with traffic violations in New York City, New York.

New York Traffic Attorney Mr. James Medows has years of experience in dealing with all traffic law violations including speeding, parking, blocking the box and running red lights in the five boroughs of New York City. The website ( has been redesigned to help potential clients fight traffic summonses. While paying for traffic tickets may not be a big hassle, the long term consequences might prove to be quite cumbersome.

With every traffic ticket that a driver gets, insurance companies will use the points system to increase rates, which could quickly add up thousands of dollars. For speeding infractions, points can start at two and go as high up as eleven. Even paying a hefty fine every single time for minor traffic infractions can add financial pressure. Fighting traffic tickets may take some time, but the results can be very positive.

Attorney James Medows provides valuable service, representation and advice to clients in New York City on the different types of traffic violations and their respective consequences. Commuters of New York can visit the site - - to learn more about the legal process and how to make a stand and defend themselves against traffic ticket fines.

Sometimes, traffic tickets can be issued because of faulty data collected from traffic surveillance cameras. In such scenarios, drivers need to ask for valid proof instead of just paying up. In these scenarios, contesting a traffic ticket is a no-brainer.

Also, admitting to traffic violations may make a poor impression on the judge. If there are multiple speeding convictions, the judge can immediately take the driver's license away. In the city of New York, earning at least three speeding convictions within 18 months will lead to automatic revocation of a driver's licence.

Not having a license usually turns someone’s life upside down, as daily commuting will become infinitely harder while using public modes of transportation. Drivers who make a living from taxi fares (Uber drivers, for example) could face a career crisis if their license is revoked. James Medows will not only investigate traffic violation cases, but will also fight in court, if necessary, to contest a traffic ticket. He is certainly someone you want on your side. His contact details are below.

About the Law Office of James Medows:

James Medows is a second generation Defense Attorney and has extensive experience helping people with traffic violations of all kinds. He has gained a positive reputation by handling cases in all five boroughs of New York City - Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn (, Bronx and Queens. Mr. Medows received his law degree from the Howard University School of Law, and his expertise and dedication has made him stand out as a trusted New York City Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

The Law Office of James Medows is always available for free consultations.

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