NY Firm Guarantees Highest Unlimited Funding For Items

Unlimited Buyers & Lenders offers the most cash for diamonds purchased from the public. The firm also purchases gold, silver and luxury items.

Unlimited Buyers and Lenders is pleased to announce that they guarantee the highest unlimited funding for items such as luxury watches, jewelry and estate items of value. For those who want to sell diamonds NYC customers are assured of the highest returns possible. Items such as gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches and other luxury items can be sold for cash, or used as the basis for a collateral loan.

Speaking in a recent interview, a spokesperson explained, “Come in for an appointment if you need a loan to pay bills, buy a car or even to fund real estate, we have a safe and secure location and unlimited funding capabilities. No matter what the item's value, we will give you the best and unlimited price on it, guaranteed.”

The company is helpful when there is a need to sell Rolex NYC customers bring to be reviewed and appraised. A solution for money needs is possible when the customer owns items of value which can be sold or used as collateral for a loan. Money is available for gold, watches, estate items, silver and platinum jewelry and luxury items. The firm also buys or lends money on diamonds, coins, and antiques.

In order to sell watch NYC customers will find the process fast, easy and secure. Unlimited Buyers offers the public a solution which avoids selling their luxury goods and jewelry by taking out a loan against it. When the loan is paid back, customers are able to get their jewelry back. The collateral loan program has helped thousands of people in the New York City Metro area. The program is the number 1 choice when people need a collateral loan and have luxury items. The concept of collateral lending has a long and reliable history. Loans are available for anything from watches to diamonds and all jewelry in between.

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Organization: Unlimited Buyers & Lenders
Address: 37 West 47th St. Suite #203 New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 764-6725
Website: http://www.unlimitedbuyers.com

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