Numero Uno Web Solutions Weighs in on Impact New Google Ranking Algorithm Will Have on Sma

Numero Uno Web Solutions, a Toronto-based marketing company, is releasing its expert opinion on Google's new search engine algorithm, Hummingbird, and what it means for small- and medium-sized businesses and their ability to utilize SEO.

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, is weighing in on the impact Google Hummingbird, the company’s first entirely new ranking algorithm since 2001, will have on smaller businesses.

“Search engine optimization is about optimizing a web site in an effort to help it rank better on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Search engines use proprietary algorithms to reward sites based on a wide number of criteria. In the past, that included original content that links to other trustworthy sites and keyword optimization,” says Sara Babaimehr, digital solutions manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. “Since Google’s global market share hovers around 70% and its Android mobile operating system accounts for almost 80% of the global smartphone market, it’s important for smaller companies to accommodate any algorithm updates implemented by Google.” (Source: Page, C., “Android nears 80 percent market share as iOS plummets,”, August 9, 2013;

Over the years, Google has rolled out Panda and Penguin, two updates that changed and/or updated parts of the Google algorithm. Businesses that failed to accommodate the changes were penalized, Babaimehr explains; in fact, one poll showed that 94% of Google Penguin victims did not fully recover from the first algorithmic updates. (Source: Schwartz, B., “94% Of Google Penguin Victims Did Not Fully Recover,” Search Engine Roundtable web site, January 2, 2013;

“Last week, Google unveiled Hummingbird. Whereas Penguin and Panda were changes to the Google algorithm, Hummingbird is an entirely new ranking algorithm—the first new algorithm since 2001, making this one of the biggest developments in online marketing,” Babaimehr adds. (Source: “Fifteen years on—and we’re just getting started,” Google Inside Search, September 26, 2013;

While Google has not released a lot of details about Google Hummingbird, it noted that Hummingbird rewards sites based on a more intelligent understanding of search requests; as a result, Google Hummingbird is expected to affect up to 90% of all searches. That said, according to Babaimehr, many of the existing strategies are still applicable—that includes using relevant, original content with backlinks, as well as other ethical SEO strategies.

“Mobile searches are the future, and on-the-go users want relevant results faster. At the same time, people are conversational with their mobile searches; as a result, Google Hummingbird will seek to answer queries in a mobile-friendly, question-oriented way,” she observes. “Google previously matched up specific keywords with online queries, but Hummingbird will now consider the full meaning of search phrases, which should generate more accurate results.”

This holds true for Google searches in general. Google Hummingbird is also shifting its focus away from keywords and toward intent and meaning. In other words, Google Hummingbird is more concerned with answers than results; language is now more important than single words.

“Google Hummingbird creates a more level playing field and is actually advantageous for small- and medium-sized businesses,” Babaimehr explains. “While larger brands could dominate searches based on basic keywords, Google Hummingbird is about semantic searches, which are less predictive. This gives smaller brands using precise or complex phrases to rank higher online,”

For smaller brands to rank higher online, Babaimehr concludes, they need to hire an online marketing company that keeps up-to-date with algorithmic changes and knows how to implement the kind of search engine-friendly strategies that make web sites more discoverable and shareable.

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