Nuclius Portable LIVE HDTV Ushers in the End of Cable and Satellite TV

Say goodbye to Cable and Satellite TV. Everyone can now watch Live TV, recorded shows, movie rentals, can Instant Message, browse the Internet and more on ANY HDTV, Smartphone or Tablet in the World.

Nuclius Portable LIVE HDTV current Crowdfunding Campaign is serving to usher in a new age of television.

In what started as a top-secret program, Triniti Communications is ready to release a revolutionary new device to the world. This Canton, Ohio based company has officially kicked off the Nuclius Crowdfunding Campaign. This campaign will allow Funders to get in on the ground floor of what could very likely change the history of entertainment, and usher in a brand new era of television viewing.

The Nuclius Ursa is a portable device that is designed to permanently change the Live Pay-TV industry and how it is accessed. The Ursa is a handheld device that allows customers to access Live TV, recorded shows, movie rentals, Instant Messaging, Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, and more on any HDTV, Smartphone or Tablet in the World. It fits in the palm of a customer's hand so that it can be conveniently transported and used anywhere there is an HDTV and broadband Internet connection.

The development of the Nuclius Ursa has been covertly in the works for the past few years to assure the utmost value to customers. It uses Oort® advanced Cloud-based VOD and DVR storage technologies to allow customers to take it with them worldwide. Along with accessing Live TV, an integrated web browser, and the capability to rent and even Gift movies, it also has Live Chat/Instant Messaging capabilities and a variety of other inclusive features unlike any other TV product on the market.

The Nuclius Crowdfunding Campaign for the Ursa includes a variety of options for Funders to become the first to experience the ingenuity, capabilities and array of features and benefits that the Ursa has to offer. For instance, Funders who pledge $125 will receive a first run, engraved Nuclius Ursa and three months of the Celestial Premium HDTV. The funding choices start at $10.00 and incrementally increase up to $10,000 Pledges. Each Pledge amount includes a variety of other very attractive benefits and products that create substantial value for the low cost investment.

About Triniti Communications: The corporate offices for this privately-held, global, next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company are located in Canton, Ohio USA.

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