NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG——An Oriental Epic Drama About the Growth of Heroes

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In recent years, Chinese costume dramas have gone out of the country and gained many audiences around the world.

In recent years, Chinese costume dramas have gone out of the country and gained many audiences around the world. Exquisite clothing, make up, and the stage props and complicated plots all give European and American audiences different viewing experiences. Recently, the costume drama NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG has been popular both in the mainland China and abroad. In this drama, we can see that the Chinese costume drama has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in production, story and characterization based on the local culture. It is an excellent oriental epic drama.

NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG is adapted from Richard Z. Yang’s novel of the same name. Directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring young actors Liu Haoran, Lareina Song (Song Zuer) and Chen Ruoxuan who are highly praised for their acting skills and ability. It tells the story of young heroes growing up, rising up and sticking to their faith in an era when all heroes coexist. Different from previous Chinese costume dramas, which are based on specific times and history, this drama shows an original imaginary world created by China. “Novoland” is an imaginary world jointly created by seven writers with detailed settings, of which NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG by writer Richard Z. Yang is one of the brilliant works. The TV play drew lessons from a large number of ancient Chinese cultural and historical elements, and made the grand imaginary world of “Novoland” come true and give the audience a strong sense of substitution through the exact views framing and shooting and other ways. Director Zhang Xiaobo said: “Our characters, emotions and scenes should be realistic, and everyone has his real meaning, not just to the point. We hope to take this story as a history of concrete existence and occurrence. “ The amazing grand scenery of Novoland in the play was filmed on the spot in all parts of China. The snow-covered and snow-capped northern land was filmed in Xinjiang, China. The waterside pavilion in the south Huai River was reconstructed from the existing buildings in Xiangyang to create the style of a watery region in Jiangnan. The play also uses different colors, clothings and architectural styles to distinguish different countries. The clothings and etiquette in the play are also drawn from Chinese history and culture.

NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG plot ups and downs. The main character Lv Guichen is the son of the North Land. The audience followed his perspective into many places in the East Land, such as Xiatang State and Tianqi State. The complicated multi-line narration unfolds gradually. On each story line, there were heroes with distinct personalities and full of personality charm. The strategy and game between them are either in the temple or in the battlefield. Such complicated multi-line narration is rare in the past Chinese costume dramas. The growth of young Lv Guichen is the main line of the play. He was originally the sick son of the North Land. For the future of the tribe, he went to Xiatang State of the East Land as a hostage and got involved in the vicissitudes of the East Land. Although Lv Guichen has a strong power of “crazy blood”, he always hopes to protect more people with this power. All kinds of setbacks and losses he has experienced have strengthened his initial heart. Speaking of this character, director Zhang Xiaobo said: “I like Lv Guichen very much. He has a feeling of compassion and he is a hero who will stand up after repeated failures. For me, NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG is not about a young hero, it is about how someone becomes a hero.”

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