Novak Networx Invests Further Into Area-Leading WiFi Installation Capabilities

New investments will allow company to better fine-tune WiFi installation projects to fit customers' needs, putting it even further ahead of the pack, Novak Networx reports

Novak Networx, one of Southern Wisconsin's leading information technology and networking specialists, announced the expansion of the company's highly successful WiFi installation service. Thanks to new investments in training and cutting-edge technology, Novak Networx will be able to offer even more attractive and cost-effective WiFi installations to businesses and others in Janesville and surrounding towns. Novak Networx has already provided highly successful WiFi installations to many of the top businesses in the region, and founded and leads the extremely popular Janesville WiFi Project.

"Having completed so many great WiFi projects in the area already, we are happy to announce that we have invested in expanding our capabilities of this kind even further," Novak Networx founder Robert Novak III said, "We are now even better positioned to offer up secure, high-performing WiFi systems to all in the Janesville area."

As people from all walks of life have increasingly come to expect to connect to the Internet wherever they might be, offering free public WiFi connections has become a popular option for businesses looking to keep their customers happy. While the goal can seem straightforward at first, that appearance belies quite a bit in the way of complexity and some significant potential pitfalls.

For one, separating public WiFi from a company's corporate network is a critically important task that is often overlooked. Novak Networx uses state of the art equipment to establish impregnable, hardware-based firewalls between these networks, ensuring that visitors do not gain access to private company information.

Another common stumbling block is that individual users on a public WiFi network can gobble up the lion's share of available bandwidth if allowed to do so. This can greatly degrade the experiences of other users, worsening their impressions of the business that provides the WiFi. Novak Networx helps clients avoid these problems by making use of sophisticated bandwidth shaping and quality-of-service tools that ensure that these issues never arise.

There are a number of advanced benefits that those who provide free wifi can also enjoy, and Novak Networx is also especially well-positioned to help customers secure these. For example, powerful analytics tools built into the equipment Novak Networkx installs can be used by businesses to easily delve into issues like customer loyalty and visitation patterns, providing useful information that can be used for improving business strategies.

By providing such well-rounded, high-quality services, Novak Networx has become the top WiFi installer in the Janesville area. The company launched an innovative initiative in the form of the Janesville WiFi Project this past year, an effort that has seen the deployment of free, public WiFi access points throughout much of the downtown area. The new investments into further WiFi training and technologies will boost the company's lead even further. Those looking for the area's top business or hotel wifi installer or any other IT services can sign up for free, no-obligation consultations at the Novak Networx website.

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