NOVA Discount Air Changes the Face of HVAC Repair Services in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginians now have an alternative to over-priced heating and air repair, installation, and maintenance services, due to Guardian Home Services' unique business model.

Guardian Home Services announces that it has officially launched NOVA Discount Air ( to provide Northern Virginia homeowners and companies with a low cost alternative to the overpriced HVAC services offered by many area companies.

For years, Northern Virginians have complained about grossly inflated rates and unexpected charges from local heating and air companies. It's no surprise that many residents have switched companies numerous times looking for service technicians that are honest, knowledgeable, and charge fair rates upfront with no hidden surprises.

There are many licensed HVAC technicians in the area that have years of industry experience and provide high quality services without overcharging customers; but unfortunately, many of these technicians do not have marketing expertise or large budgets to hire agencies to promote them, like many of the largest competitors do. Therefore, homeowners are not aware of their existence.

To receive a steady income, these service technicians often seek employment with large companies; but with large operations come very high overhead expenses, which causes a company to increase their service rates. To cover operating expenses, many of these larger companies have to spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing and advertising. And thus, the only way to make a profit is to lower wages, significantly increase product markups, and increase service charges.

Unfortunately, the customer is the one who suffers from these added expenses and the investors and top management's focus on higher profit margins — often overlooking the customer's needs in the process. The HVAC service technician also suffers by receiving pay that does not adequately reflect the hard work they put into their jobs. This leads to low morale, and when morale is low employees do not perform at their best.

Many of these technicians know that they can make more money on their own and charge homeowners significantly less. But, they also understand that without knowing how to effectively and continuously promote themselves, they will not have a steady income like they would working for a major company.

What if there was an alternative that bridged the gap between licensed HVAC service technicians that do quality work, including offering industry standard warranties on a wide range of equipment that they sell, and home owners that are looking for an inexpensive fix for their heating and air issues?

That's the exact alternative that Mike Smurda, President of Guardian Home Services (a home repair, maintenance, and living assistance company in Northern Virginia), has successfully created in NOVA Discount Air.

Smurda has more than 20 years experience with home living assistance, and he saw the need to expand his business by offering a discount HVAC division that still provided high quality services and sold warrantied HVAC equipment. Smurda has dealt with businesses that have taken advantage of people by charging unfairly high prices and/or participating in dishonest business practices, and he wanted to offer consumers an honest and appealing alternative — where consumers and their needs were a high priority. Smurda and his Company emphasize listening to their clients and building long-term partnerships with area homeowners and business people.

“Our mission is to save you money by providing quality HVAC repair and maintenance services without artificially inflated rates,” said Smurda. “We believe in honesty and integrity, and we are dedicated to showing Northern Virginia home owners that quality low cost heating and air repair services exist.”

NOVA Discount Air is a strategic partnership between Smurda, a senior HVAC specialist, and an online marketing specialist. As an HVAC specialist, Smurda has a long and successful track record of working with banks and realtors — providing comprehensive HVAC services to homes that are in foreclosure. With the operating team's combined skill set, NOVA Discount Air has opened up opportunities for licensed heating and air technicians and home owners to get what they all have been looking for – top quality and honest services at fair rates, as well as the ability to sell and purchase reasonably priced, and warrantied, equipment.

NOVA Discount Air only partners with technicians that are licensed in the state of Virginia and have the knowledge and expertise to give customers an unmatched experience. All technicians must complete a screening process before servicing customers.

When asked how they will be able to keep prices low, Smurda stated, “It's all about partnering with honest people who care about helping others. People are priority number one.”

About NOVA Discount Air

NOVA Discount Air is a Northern Virginia based provider of HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services. The Company saves home owners money by providing quality services at discounted rates (that are substantially lower than their competitors). NOVA Discount Air also sells and installs top quality equipment with industry-standard warranties. For more information, please see

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