North County Jeweler Gems of La Costa Introduces Spectacular Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds cost significantly less than mined ones and sparkle more, Gems of La Costa reports

Gems of La Costa, one of San Diego County's leading jewelers since 1989, introduced its new line of Lab Grown Diamonds. These diamonds are produced under conditions that make them chemically, gemologically, and visually identical to the highest quality mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, and far less environmentally burdensome. All Gems of La Costa lab-grown diamonds are of superior quality, and have the purity and brilliance of the top two percent of mined diamonds on the market.

Diamonds form naturally beneath the surface of the earth when a crystalline variety of carbon, known as graphite, is subjected to the exact combinations of pressure and temperature. Laboratories have produced diamonds for the industrial use for decades by recreating this combination of conditions. Today, recent technological breakthroughs and process improvements allow laboratories to create lab-grown diamonds that are consistently of a higher quality than their mined counterparts. These are known as Type IIa Diamonds.

What are Type IIa diamonds? Diamond is 99.95 percent carbon. The other 0.05 percent can include one or more trace elements, or impurities, which are atoms that are not part of the diamond's essential chemistry. Extremely rare in nature, Type IIa diamonds are almost or entirely devoid of impurities and are considered to be the purest form of diamond known to man. Because of the absence of these trace impurities, light passes freely through the stone making them more beautiful with superior brilliance, more scintillation, and greater sparkle.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical in their composition, as well as their physical appearance, to mined diamonds. A gemologist cannot tell the difference between a Lab-Grown Diamond and a traditionally mined diamond because there is no difference. The highly efficient production process used to create these lab-grown diamonds enables the consumer to save on average about 40% to a comparable mined diamond. That allows Gems of La Costa clients to purchase much larger diamonds that sparkle more, for a lower price. These lab-grown diamonds are available in our Carlsbad store for a limited time, including loose diamonds for engagement rings, custom jewelry, stud earrings, and bracelets.

"Nothing else sparkles and catches the eye like a top quality diamond," said Gems of La Costa owner and Master Jeweler Chad Elliott. "For many years, though, buying a diamond meant being forced to worry about supporting deadly conflicts and frequently destructive mining processes. That is no longer the case at all, as our lab-grown diamonds make clear. The lab-grown nature of these diamonds makes them conflict-free and ethical, with production technicians being paid fair wages and enjoying safe, healthy working conditions."

As one of North County's top jewelers for nearly 30 years, family-owned Gems of La Costa is once more leading the way by adding high quality lab-grown diamonds to their already extensive inventory of mined diamonds. Choosing a lab-grown diamond from Gems of La Costa allows the consumer to purchase a significantly larger diamond of greater brilliance as compared to buying a mined diamond.

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Since 1989, family-owned Gems of La Costa has been offering the best in fine and custom designed jewelry to customers throughout the North County.

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