Norman Farrar Talks to Izabela Hamilton, Rankbell Founder, on Latest Podcast

Norman Farrar interviews Izabela Hamilton on his latest "I Know This Guy" podcast show. She is the founder of Rankbell, a successful launch and rank service for Amazon sellers.

Norman Farrar, The Beard Guy, interviews an entrepreneurial guru on his podcast show, “I Know This Guy.” In the latest episode, he features the brains behind Rankbell, Izabela Hamilton. Together, they journey through her early days to her current entrepreneur status while delving into the successes and failures she has experienced.

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Izabela Hamilton is the founder of Rankbell, a launch and rank service for Amazon sellers. She shares with Farrar and his son, Hayden, the show producer, what it takes to survive and be the best in a highly competitive market. There are thousands of software companies offering the same service, and it takes resilience and consistency to stay in business.

Hamilton further explains that there are good, even better launch and rank businesses, but it is the connections and business relations that she has created with people that make her stand out from the pack. To top it off, Hamilton affirms that she knows what people want, and she goes the extra mile to build rapport instead of “selling” or marketing her business.

“When someone asks me what I do, I tell them I am the owner and founder of Rankbell. I look them in the eyes and say, ‘This is the best service you will ever get, guaranteed.” And I say that with the utmost confidence because I know what I can provide, and I don’t shy away from that. When it comes to business and knowing what I know, I know I can improve somebody’s life with my simple technique, and that’s why I think I am pretty confident when it comes to that,” she explains.

Hamilton shares that she grew up in communist Romania. During her early years, her father embedded in her the idea of moving to the United States. Growing up in a not-so-well-off family, she visualized having a better life through the stories her father told of a beautiful country, and that’s how she ended up leaving Romania to come to the United States 16 years ago. Since then, she has made her dreams a reality and is living the life to which she aspired.

“I’ve always aspired to do something with my life, but the circumstances in Romania did not permit me to become who I wanted to be. My father giving me that was like the gift of a dream, and it always starts with the dream. So that’s how my goal started to come to the US.”

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