Non Biased, Inc. Releases April Sleep Study Results

Finding common threads of sleep deprivation is the key to helping people experience improved sleep quality, publishes

As many as 70 million Americans report experiencing sleep issues. While these problems develop due to a wide range of reasons, all have been found to lead to increased stress levels, higher risk of health conditions, decreased productivity and a number of other negative situations. One Scottsdale-based company was founded with this and other related factors in mind. As part of an ongoing effort to foster rest and relaxation, Founder, Rana Landreth recently released the results of the latest Non Biased Reviews Sleep Study.

"We've experienced the impact of sleep deprivation firsthand," said Landreth, "and this prompted us to find ways of combating the negative effects. It seems to be a common thread among Americans, one all too many people live with on a daily basis. Uncovering the many typical ties that bind us all in this regard is the key to solving the problems surrounding a lack of sleep, and our routine sleep studies go a long way toward reaching this goal."

One focal point of Non Biased, Inc.'s April sleep study is the use of sleep trackers. These tools have been found effective in helping people pinpoint specific sleep patterns and the driving forces behind them. According to the company's latest findings, an estimated 86 percent of the 351 respondents do not use these devices whereas just over 12.5 percent do.

Survey results also indicate more than half of those involved in the study avoid letting pets sleep on their beds. Approximately 54 percent of people watch television in their bedrooms while the same number hold onto mattresses for more than seven years. This study likewise revealed 46% of people sleep on their side with very few sleeping on their back or stomach. Respondents listed water and coffee as the most common go-to morning beverages.

Concluded Landreth, "Certain habits can have significant impacts on the amount of sleep people get each night as well as the quality of sleep, and these aspects are known to have a lasting effect during the daytime. We provide Non Biased Reviews on beds, mattresses, bedding and other sleep-oriented products to help our readers get the best sleep possible and improve not only their outlook on life, but their physical and mental well-being. We encourage those interested in learning more to browse our website for a wide range of information and resources."

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With the mission of helping readers enjoy better sleep and improved quality of life as a result, Non Biased, Inc. provides honest information and reviews on a wide range of mattresses and other sleep-related products.

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