NOLA Criminal Law Expands Range Of Criminal Defense Services Throughout New Orleans

NOLA Criminal Law has expanded its range of services to provide top quality legal defense against all manners of criminal defense including misdemeanor, felony and federal charges.

Criminal charges universally carry very serious implications, and in the event of being found guilty people face a criminal record, a heavy fine, and even prison time. Most people accused of a criminal offense wish to proclaim their innocence but cannot do so effectively without a legal expert fighting in their corner. Without this expertise they risk improperly navigating the judicial system in their greatest favor. NOLA Criminal Law, the practice of renowned criminal defense attorney Townsend Myers, has expanded his range of services it will undertake on behalf of those accused.

The practice will now not only defend against high profile federal criminal charges, but even relatively minor issues such as traffic tickets, municipal court hearings, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, criminal trespass, minor in possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana or expunging criminal records ( This is because the completeness of their experience allows them to effectively take care of a broad range of criminal defenses, no matter the scale.

They have also offered a service for tourists and visitors who have found themselves in trouble. Their website offers advice and guidance on what to do from arrest to representation so people needn’t put themselves in danger or implicate themselves wrongly by taking rash actions without knowing how they could damage their case.

A spokesperson for NOLA Criminal Law explained, “We have been working diligently on behalf of the accused to uphold the law and the rights of those we defend within the criminal justice system. Townsend Myers is a hugely experienced criminal defense lawyer and his strategies have proven successful in many different legal scenarios. We can help whether people need defense in cases of DUI or DWI, municipal court defense, criminal defense and we have a huge range of testimonials from satisfied clients attesting to that. With this expansion, no matter how trivial or grave the accusation, the people or New Orleans can be assured they have access to the a skilled criminal defense lawyer.”

About NOLA Criminal Law:
NOLA Criminal Law is the practice of Townsend Myers, an established criminal defense lawyer in New Orleans. A 1993 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, he has specialized in criminal law since the start of his career. He has handled well over four thousand felony criminal cases, hundreds of DWI case, and countless misdemeanor and traffic cases.

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