Nobe Yoga is Now Enrolling for Yoga Teacher Training in Miami, FL

Those interested in becoming a yoga instructor can enroll with now for training that will begin in February of 2018

Each year, Americans spend over $2.5 billion on yoga instruction. This form of exercise and flexibility training is gaining popularity across the country, offering lucrative opportunities for instructors with the proper credentials and training.

In order to help more individuals recognize their passion for this activity, Nobe Yoga is now offering enrollment for their professional yoga training course, set to begin in February of 2018.

“We are inviting anyone interested in Yoga Teacher training Miami to visit website and learn more about our latest course,” stated company representative Joann Verger. “We are offering access to a comprehensive and scientific Vinyasa Krama Yoga School that not only teaches the fundamentals of the activity, but also the science behind the creation of sequences, all while following intelligent and safe sequencing parameters.”

The course being offered is a 200-hour Yoga Certification course designed for all levels of yoga practitioners, including current and aspiring instructors. The course is scheduled to last for a period of six weeks, with modules taking place on the weekends between the dates of February 2, 2018, and March 11, 2018, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2 PM 9 PM.

“The instructor for this course is Rae Indigo, who works to inspire students while sharing her lineage of Healing with Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga in each program,” continued Verger. “Are you already a yoga instructor or just looking for more personal development and growth? If so, our course is designed for you. It will inspire, inform and help you improve your ability in the art of yoga while learning how to lead and teach others.”

Anyone interested in the course can visit the Nobe Yoga website or contact the staff to learn more about the course and how to get sign up.


The staff at Nobe Yoga want visitors, guests and others to experience what yoga has to offer and what it can do to improve a person’s health, body, mind and spirit. The moves and transitions are designed to stimulate and stretch your body while helping reduce stress and relax the mind. There are courses offered at Nobe Yoga for everyone, from teachers to individuals who are new to the activity. The staff at Nobe Yoga is also dedicated to helping guide, teach and support students on their yoga journey and help them embrace all this activity has to offer.

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Address: 214 67th St. Miami Beach, FL 33141
Phone: 305-720-2077

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