Niroomand Law Ensures Prenuptial Agreements Are Legally Binding

Niroomand Law wants to remind people their prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement may not be legally binding if they do not have it reviewed by a Toronto family lawyer.

Niroomand Law can help protect the interests of couples getting married or who might be considering cohabitating together by ensuring prenuptial (marriage) agreements or cohabitation agreements are legally binding should the relationship end. Niroomand Law specializes in family law matters, including marriage and cohabitation agreements, separation and divorce proceedings, child support, visitation, and custody, and spousal support, as well as personal injury and disability law legal matters.

According to Hossein Niroomand, “Part of the problem with marriage agreements and cohabitation agreements is people never take the time to have them reviewed by a qualified and experienced family lawyer in Toronto. Later on, if the relationship is terminated, they quickly discover their agreement is not legally binding, creating a whole entirely new set of problems.”

Typically, the most appropriate reasons for a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement is in situations where one or both of the individuals in the relationship have specific financial obligations, like the care and support of elderly parents, or extensive assets they want to protect. Further, these types of agreements can be beneficial for people entering a new marriage and were previously divorced, or had been in a long-term cohabitation situation in the past that did not work out.

It is not uncommon for couples to consider a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement when they are going to live together. They will sit down and outline the terms and conditions of what will occur in regards to property, custody of the children, and other such aspects, sign it, and assume it is legally binding. However, this is not always the case.

In order for a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement to be legally binding, it has to be reviewed by a Toronto family law lawyer to ensure its legality. In addition, there are specific processes required to guarantee the document will be legally binding in the event the relationship fails.

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Niroomand Law was founded by Hossein Niroomand to provide legal advice and counsel for family law matters, as well as personal injury and disability-related cases. Mr. Niroomand has been practicing family law and personal injury law exclusively since 2003. He is a well-respected family lawyer by his peers, judges, and courts within the legal community in Toronto. Mr. Niroomand personally oversees all aspects of his clients’ cases and does his best to help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and other emotions common in divorce, disability, and personal injury legal matters.

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