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Complexity is the top challenge for today’s marketers.

Long before mobile devices and social media conquered the world, marketing was a complex process, requiring extensive research and countless hours of preparation before the kickoff of a campaign. The rapid progress of technology has greatly facilitated the tasks of market trends study, customer data collection, design, and execution. At the same time, professionals in the field have come to face other challenges, among them creating campaigns that reach consumers across multiple devices and take into account personal preferences. The most successful marketers of our age combine a passion for powerful, insightful content with an understanding of technology. One such expert is Nick Kohlschreiber, who is a staunch advocate of the union between marketing and technology. As he notes, it has taken less than a decade for technology to revolutionize the industry, and there is no sign of slowing down.

How exactly has technology changed the marketing landscape? Searching for the answer to this question, Fortune recently organized a breakfast roundtable in Aspen, Colorado, bringing together trade executives for its Brainstorm Tech conference. In a lively discussion characterized by varied opinions, the participants pinpointed four radical changes that technology has brought about in the marketing domain. Complexity is the top challenge for today’s marketers. A noted by Marketo CEO Steve Lucas, there are so many choices when it comes to reaching customers that companies are overwhelmed. Modern professionals also have to operate in an environment where changes are occurring at breakneck speed. While trends previously unfolded over the course of a year or so, now they play out over a month or even a couple of weeks, according to JB Osborne, CEO of Red Antler. The roundtable participants spent much time on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI). Given the deluge of data companies have to deal with, an understanding of AI is becoming essential. Lucas ranks AI as the second biggest challenge after complexity. Last but not least, the social media explosion has changed the role of marketing chiefs. Their job now extends beyond driving sales to encompass the creation of brand enthusiasts, as explained by Ragy Thomas, CEO of Sprinklr. Modern-day industry executives have to push for digital transformation so that their company can harness the power of technology to inspire and engage, according to Thomas.

The advent of technology into the marketing space has opened up incredible opportunities for companies such as Orange County -based AdBoom, Nick Kohlschreiber notes. It specializes in advertising and technology solutions that help its clients boost customer acquisition. quickly realized that social media was pushing the industry into a new direction and focused on developing solutions that allow advertisers to enhance their web presence, drive high-quality traffic, and promote engagement. In 2015, Forbes ranked at number three on its list of America’s Most Promising Companies. That same year, the firm released the beta version of its Hashtag Ads platform, which was built on the novel idea of bringing together advertisers and social media influencers to deliver impactful campaigns. According to Nick Kohlschreiber, is set to make further waves in the tech and internet marketing space in 2018 in being on track for exceeding annual revenues of eight figures.

New Jersey native Nicholas Kohlschreiber moved to California in 2004, becoming a well-known Internet tech entrepreneur and a marketing expert. He founded his first business in Internet marketing in 2010 with the launch of a solar energy company, which he eventually sold at 10x its original value. Kohlschreiber currently utilizes his marketing expertise at his Newport Beach-based media company. It provides creative marketing solutions that help new businesses grow organically by using the power of technology to drive brand awareness and turn prospects into loyal customers.

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