Nick Kohlschreiber – On Proprietary Social Media Monetization Model Recently Released

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While many in his industry still claim that social media is too difficult and expensive to monetize, Nick Kohlschreiber is actively using a platform that can be roughly applied to any vertical.

Nick Kohlschreiber, a renowned IT entrepreneur, is proud to showcase one of his new developments – a revolutionary new Internet monetization platform that lets businesses fully benefit from their social media accounts. Utilizing advanced technologies, the model builds upon the unprecedented growth of networking websites, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, to rapidly and cost-effectively build an engaging brand reputation that converts potential customers. “Today, almost every business has its own Facebook profile,” stated Kohlschreiber, “but many of them, particularly smaller to midsize companies, need assistance in order to gain visibility online and grow their business. We are here to help them achieve that.”

While many in his industry still claim that social media is too difficult and expensive to monetize, Nick Kohlschreiber is actively using a platform that can be roughly applied to any vertical, and has been doing so for years. Dating back to the successes of his first company in the solar energy sector, the entrepreneur was able to effectively drive traffic and generate growth via the Internet. After perfecting these marketing techniques and assembling a world-class team of IT experts, Kohlschreiber is now disclosing his tactics with those who need it most - small businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. “Due to the constantly increasing number of new social media platforms, generating sales and revenues through those channels has become a science in itself,” he elaborated. “Many clients do not realize that these networking sites can be used for much more than connecting with an existing or potential customer base.”

From building brand awareness to optimizing lifetime consumer revenue, dedicated teams construct individualized roadmaps for each client to achieve their goals and assure continued success. Without divulging any proprietary information, Kohlschreiber explained that his company gets the basics right first by creating a passionate audience of robust size across multiple platforms to learn from and engage with. Once accomplished, detailed content and media plans effectively spread promotions, advertise products, and attract customers to online stores. Accompanied by advanced metrics that track monetization efforts at every stage, the team is able to determine which channels and what consumers will provide the best return on investment for each client. Ultimately, the company’s success lies in this data. The advanced analytic technology developed by Kohlschreiber allows for his client’s businesses to create an authentic online customer base, leverage that audience, and then transition them to the desired product or service.

Nick Kohlschreiber is a renowned entrepreneur and the developer of creative marketing solutions that ensure the organic proliferation of new businesses. He founded his first company in 2010, and was able to grow it until a successful exit at a multiple of ten times its original value, developing it into several larger businesses that he continues to manage today. Currently the owner of a media company based in Newport Beach, Kohlschreiber is an enthusiast for originality and innovation, urging employees and clients alike to, “Think Big, Go Far.”

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