Nick Kohlschreiber Discusses His Prediction for a Spike in Digital Applications which Boost Mobile Marketing in 2017

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Consumers interact with their mobile devices differently, affecting mobile marketing.

Earlier in 2017, Forbes reported that during 2016, customized and more direct content inside push notifications caused an uplift in user engagement with mobile applications by fourfold. In addition, custom send times for these notifications based on when the user is most active raised retention rates by over 400%. Modern marketing expert Nick Kohlschreiber predicts that as developers continue to understand how customers interact with their favorite apps and integrate more automation tools using artificial intelligence, these “Smart Apps” will come to define mobile advertising strategies.

Driven by new marketing centric technologies including chatbots, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation, these innovative applications are creating a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with their mobile devices. Modern apps already have the ability to personalize content down to the individual user, as opposed to broader segments. With advanced predictive analytics, a customer’s desires will soon be anticipated before they are even expressed. Some of the most widely used apps in the world, including Amazon, Foursquare and, are already taking advantage of this powerful technology on a daily basis with product, destination and music recommendations based on recent activity. Thanks to complex algorithms of previous user choices and interactions, Nick Kohlschreiber predicts that smart apps will soon be able to suggest relevant content at the precise time the consumer is most likely to engage.

With more smartphone owners and app downloads than ever before, 2016 yielded an explosion of consumer data. Utilizing this, mobile teams are rapidly innovating and significantly improving their end experience by intelligently engaging users throughout their lifecycle. Chatbots with the ability to get smarter over time are empowering marketers to reach potential customers with speedy, millennial-friendly responses that are driving both app interactions and sales. Relatively easy to incorporate into a mobile marketing strategy, i.e. Facebook Messenger or Slack, chatbots have also been propelled by the shift in smartphone communication from voice to text and images. Coinciding with this, Kohlschreiber expects to see vast changes in automated messaging campaigns, beginning with personalized parameters. Customization - backed by powerful data - has the potential to touch every key mobile marketing metric. Launching personalized campaigns with approachable content will improve user conversions, reduce acquisition spending, and drive ROI across the board.

Nick Kohlschreiber is an innovative entrepreneur and an expert in modern marketing strategies. Originally from New Jersey, Kohlschreiber graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2010 and founded his first successful company in the solar energy sector, which he went on to sell at a multiple of 10 times its original value. Now the owner of a media company based in Newport Beach that specializes in the organic proliferation of new businesses through creative marketing solutions, Kohlschreiber believes there is always room for innovation and urges employees and clients alike to, “Think Big, Go Far.” From simple document preparation to a complete online, multimedia driven development strategy, Kohlschreiber and his team believe that marketing has an intimate relationship with technology and strive to further the connections between modern communication platforms.

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