Nick Friel Is Passionate About Generating Leads And Closing

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Nick opens up on his goal of helping small businesses increase their sales and acquire loyal customers. His company, Media Simplified, has a good track record in providing lead generation systems that help businesses grow.

Nick Friel is a natural salesman. He has previously taken interest in several fields, but he presently focuses on helping small businesses to increase sales. His life experiences have sharpened his charisma and his ability to establish a good rapport with people and sell them ideas. Leveraging this skill, his company creates lead generation systems that help small businesses to attract customers. Nick shares with us how he relieves business owners of the burden to attract leads, enabling them to focus on other aspects like creating quality products.

Your business might have a great product, but as Nick would think, if you don’t know how to engage potential buyers, you end up leaving a lot of money on the table, or even running into losses. Nick reveals that his company creates the best lead generation systems that help small businesses to maximize profit. He adds that his company also provides branding and consulting services in the same package, thus saving business owners the expense of hiring more agencies. Nick admits that the services provided by his company, Media Simplified, affords small business owners an inexpensive way of scaling their profits.

Nick reveals that he’s been athletic since a young age, and he even went to university on a track scholarship, and he always had the dilemma of following his business interests or his athleticism. But two years in, he decided to quit athletics and follow his entrepreneurial passion. He still hadn’t acquired any marketable skills and he reveals that he took up odd jobs like bartending, valeting, club promoting, and even ran a college party house. Nick ponders that it was during this phase that he realized he was exceptionally good with people, and when he got into digital marketing, he capitalized on his ability to persuade the target audience to convert.

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, he answers, “It’s coming!” Nick reveals that his focus on his responsibilities keeps him going, and some of his daily habits include taking morning walks, reading, practicing affirmations, cold dipping, and talking to his team. Nick admits that in the beginning his work was marred by stress and disappointments, but as his responsibilities increased, he began to enjoy his challenges. Nick Friel advises young entrepreneurs to take small matters seriously, to create fixed goals, and increase their self-awareness.

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