Nicholas Kohlschreiber Discusses Adboom and Effective Marketing Strategies

Innovative service-providers can revitalize client business marketing solutions.

US economic performance is consistently ranked #1 internationally by the IMD World Competitiveness report, and businesses situated within this highly-competitive marketplace should constantly adapt and evolve their sales and marketing strategy to ensure profitability. Veteran entrepreneur Nicholas Kohlschreiber advises small, medium and large-scale business operators to consistently assess emerging trends, communications channels and technologies and other industry player behaviors with an aim to convert this data knowledge into ‘refreshed’ and highly targeted marketing campaigns.

In 2017, small business technology spending in North America topped $658USD—an 18% increase from levels reported in 2010. A majority of this investment is diverted towards IT services which can vary from bespoke customer relationship management platforms or mobile apps to subcontracted specialist firms. Nicholas Kohlschreiber explains that innovative service-providers such as can revitalize client business marketing solutions through the application of proprietary technologies and software infrastructure designed specifically for their defined task and relevant consumer base. Kohlschreiber urges forward-thinking companies to anticipate disruptive technologies (such as the introduction of smartphones) by engaging as much as possible with current trends and technologies, or by enlisting the services of professional marketing solution suppliers who have far-reaching industry perspective.

Business Insider reports that customer loyalty is a critical component of increased sales, with 95% of a retailer’s future revenue being generated by as little as 5% of its existing customer base. This indicates that a highly important part of a company’s strategy is to target marketing for repeat customers (and not only for new leads). Nicholas Kohlschreiber recommends a multichannel, personalized approach that suggests relevant purchases (according to demonstrated personal interests), rewards loyalty (through tiered or VIP programs) and engages clients with alternatives if they are not satisfied with initial transactions. An important part of this approach is to regularly test and research new methods in limited locations (to reduce cost) before expanding a wide scale strategy based on collected data. According to Market Force, 81% of U.S. online consumers are influenced by social media posts by their friends (even more than by those directly posted by followed brands). This statistic points to the undoubtable power of social media influencers and brand ambassadors—in other words, customer referrals. Nicholas Kohlschreiber sees this factor as a key to developing an effective marketing campaign and sales increases.

Nicholas Kohlschreiber is a California-based media company owner and serial entrepreneur, overseeing hundreds of employees and providing invaluable insight and guidance to thousands of clients. Having spent three years in the esteemed Martin Paul Executive Research Program prior to developing and expanding a consortium of lucrative businesses (including solar energy, customer logistics, and marketing solution agencies), Kohlschreiber is an avid businessman recognized for his ingenuity and ability to generate organic success. In his spare time, he is a dedicated philanthropist and mentor to those who can benefit from his knowledge and acumen.

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