NICCM Launches Increased Efforts To Provide Courses For Texas Director's Credentials

Through various course options, NICCM accommodates a range of busy lifestyles when providing courses For Texas director’s credentials.

Statistics from the early childhood education sector indicate the number of children in need of daycare has grown by more than 3 million over the past 20 years. These figures are driven by a number of elements affecting the structure of modern families. The American population has seen a steady, 3 percent annual increase in the number of citizens under the age of 6. Rising divorce rates have led to an increasing number of single parent households, forcing more mothers to seek employment rather than staying home with their young children.

In previous years, relatives and family friends often provided daycare for small children; however, economic factors are forcing more people to join the workforce, leaving parents to rely on public child care. The growing demand for daycare has prompted those who possess a love of children and a passion for fostering their healthy growth and development to seek a career in the child care industry. In order to facilitate the process for those seeking a full fledged career in child care, the National Institute of Child Care Management has launched increased efforts to offer the widest range of Texas Director's Credentials Course options available.

Ellen of NICCM explained, "While there are countless individuals interested in starting their own child care facility, they can not simply walk away from their current jobs and begin accepting children into their homes for financial gain. In order to create a legally accredited facility, they must obtain their credentials. Through our program, they not only become certified within the state of Texas; they become nationally certified. We offer DVD training sessions, afternoon training retreats, online education, distance learning programs, and even training cruises. Our various instructional options are designed to fit within the lifestyles of anyone wishing to earn their director's credentials."

According to the NICCM website,, the training program is broken down into 5 sessions, each consisting of 2 units of study. Session A is centered around budgeting for a child care facility, increasing profits and acquiring appropriate insurance coverage. Session B teaches proper methods of recruiting, hiring and training new employees, developing employee handbooks and fine tuning job descriptions. Session C covers the process of enrolling new students, health and safety, effective communication between parents and staff, child development and teaching the essentials.

Session D includes methods of dealing with difficult employees. It also explains strategies team building. The final session helps participants understand marketing techniques and instructs them on dealing with economic challenges that may arise. It also covers different styles of learning and teaches tactics for training staff members. After completing each session, participants must take part in a test and Praxis process. They must receive a grade of at least 80 percent on each unit before receiving their credentials.

Stated Ellen, "Due to the lack of industry specific business training available, the majority of child care center directors are ultimately unsuccessful in their position. We are proud to offer the training they need to ensure their success and bring skilled, qualified early education management professionals to the industry. By providing this service, we are also helping to ensure children across the country are able to receive the quality care they deserve. Those interested may register for courses at"

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Established in 1994, the National Institute of Child Care Management is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of child care administrators through management and child development education. Their mission is to provide interactive education from specialists who have experience in the field for which they are providing training.

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