Nhiet.vn Surpasses 1,000 Product Review Categories

Top review and buyer guide site in Vietnam offers in-depth information about weight loss, skin care and hundreds of other types of products

Nhiet.vn, a top product review and buyer guide site, announced today that it is now offering in-depth information for over 1,000 product categories. The site offers consumers detailed insights about products for weight loss, skin care, housewares and many other types of merchandise.

“Our goal is to provide the customer with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions,” said a spokesperson for the company. “In the process, we also usually connect people to the best deals available in the market for any given category of product.”

Nhiet.vn, which translates to “heat” in English, is aptly named. The site gives visitors the most accurate information on what’s “hot” in the marketplace. Categories on the site include fashion, health and beauty, housewares, technology and vehicles. Nhiet.vn also gives people insights into cosmetics and health support products. Special sections offer guidance for mothers and babies as well as tips on how to use items described on the site.

Highlights include a recent article on the top 7 Korean skin whitening creams for women, a review of the best freckle creams and treatments for keloid scars. The site also offers insights into Japanese collagen products, acne serums and burnt creams. In the weight loss category, Nhiet.vn reviewers share their opinions on the safest and most effective weight loss pills and dieting regimens.

Nhiet.vn enjoys a reputation for quality and integrity. The site was launched in 2017. Since then, it has experienced rapid growth. Nhiet.vn has traffic exceeding 100,000 visitors per month from across Vietnam. It is projected to reach 300,000 visitors per month by the end of the year.

About Nhiet.vn
Nhiet.vn is a reputable product review site and buyer’s guide in Vietnam. The company’s goal is to provide visitors with full product information and unique purchasing insights so everyone can be well-informed and shop safely. The site’s main review categories are cosmetics, skin care products, health support products, and technology.

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