Next-Generation Protocol for DEX MoonSwap V1 Officially Launched, Bringing Users 0 Gas Fee & High-Speed Trading Experience

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MoonSwap, a next-generation protocol for DEX (Decentralised Exchange) and the first of its kind to accomplish cross-chain asset migration, officially launched its V1 on Sep. 28th 2020, this signifies the official operation of the world’s first 0 Gas fee & high-speed AMM DEX based on Ethereum L2 solution.

According to the official announcement by MoonSwap, after MoonSwap V1 entered stable operations, the DEX has cumulatively processed over 100,000 transactions, helping its users save more than $1 million Gas fee.

(Data Source: Etherscan)

“With the emergence of Decentralised finance platforms in recent months, gas fees, tokens paid to miners who confirm and enable transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, are also on the rise and become a new pain for the global DeFi community. In order to provide a solution to this problem, MoonSwap came to the market with whole new 0 Gas Fee and high-speed trading experience,” said Mr. Moon, founder of MoonSwap.

As the next-gen decentralized trading protocol, MoonSwap is the world’s first DEX to have completed the cross-chain asset migration. It utilizes Conflux as the Ethereum Layer 2 solution and connects Conflux with the Ethereum ecosystem. Thus, the Layer 2 AMM DEX is providing users with the “0 Gas Fee & High-Speed” trading experience.

MoonSwap was officially launched in early September and accomplished the world’s first ever cross-chain asset migration with the total migrated cross-chain asset of $ 8 million on Sep.24th, 2020. Currently, the global community of MoonSwap has attracted over 10,000 members, of which almost 60% come from market outside China.

From Sep.27th , MoonSwap launched a global Youtube Video Contest(Click here for details), and it is collecting videos themed "MoonSwap" from users around the world and giving out 2300 $MOON to winners. Anyone who is creative and has passions for something really cool can participate in the online contest.

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