News Patrolling: Defining new standard for digital success

Days are gone when Google adsense revenue and search engine ranking were the only basis of digital success. Being featured on NASDAQ7 storey display in New York, News Patrolling has taken it to the next level., a Delhi based digital news publishing house has proved it that mere search engine tactic and revenue generation are not the only milestones for digital ventures anymore. Upon earning reliability and reputation, reaching the same level success as of any mainstream electronic media is very much achievable. It’s not just a claim; News Patrolling has proved it being the face of many prestigious events. It grabbed the eyeballs of many leading media house post being featured at the prestigious NASDAQ7 storey display in New York. Replicating the same talisman at domestic level as well, NP ( recently was the media face of Zarivoya fashion show. Those still under the rock, Zarivoya fashion show is one of the eminent shows in fashion world that has been a dream platform for aspirants who want to make it large in fashion arena. Well, it’s not just the only fashion event; News Patrolling was the prominent media partner of Glam Fashion Princess Event earlier this year as well.

News Patrolling is the perfect example of how to leverage the digital revolution in the best fashion as an independent media house. Without any kind of political influence or intervention, achieving feats at this level is indeed commendable. Noteworthy here is that they are not patronized or even backed in any manner by any corporate house. It’s a complete case of exploring digital India revolution and capitalising on the same. In short, News Patrolling deserves all credit for the achievements.

In concurrence with the fashion arena, News Patrolling is equally established in technology arena as well. Here is to mention in this context that the digital publishing platform was the media partner of prestigious Smart Mobility Summit for two consecutive years, in 2018 and 2019. It’s indeed envious to achieve this kind of feats. That’s not the whole story though; News Patrolling was the official blogging partner of GIFFA 2018 as well. This means that they are very much rooted to their inception point despite achieving whole such feats.

Coming to the consumer product segments, News Patrolling has been consistently the media face of business and commercial events. The most recent among these is the home decor show by Ramola Bachchan called the Houseful Home Decor Show. Those uninitiated, Ramola Bachchan’s Houseful Home Decor Show is considered the biggest events of its kind; the grandeur at which it is organised is simply majestic.

All in all, the quest of News Patrolling starting from a blogging house to being flashed on prestigious NASDAQ 7 Storey display in New York is truly inspiring.

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News Patrolling is a Delhi based news publishing house that covers hit topics from different segments starting from Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, Automobile, to Technology. It got the major buzz after being featured on prestigious NASDAQ 7 Storey display in New York.

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