Newdex Influencer Global Recruitement Program “Season 2”

Newdex Influencer Global Recruitement Program “Season 2”

Two years of Success

It seems like only yesterday when Newdex launched its platform. Believe it or not, it is not entering the second year of its highly successful and fruitful operations.  From its humble beginnings in 2018, it has evolved into one of the world’s top decentralized exchanges in terms of trading volume and daily active users.  Key to its success is its unwavering commitment to decentralization, it is after all the main value proposition of cryptocurrencies and the main differentiating factor the makes blockchain technology so revolutionary. 

In its almost 2 years of existence, it has remained true to the ideals of decentralization whether on the products and services it offers or by its day-to-day market operations. Just check out many innovations products and services— Cross-chain trading, on-chain matching, and settlement smart contracts and building a decentralized exchange on top of one of the most scalable and reliable blockchain in the industry, EOS. A blockchain that allows EOS holders to elect consensus participants as well as participate in its governance. 

Of course, it will not be where it is today without the support coming from its users, business partners, and community volunteers and members that have remained loyal to the platform from the very beginning. They are Newdex community members who continued to support it and weathered the many difficulties and challenges that came its way. This was made possible through the untiring efforts of Newdex influencers who helped it build such a vibrant and resilient community imbued with the spirit of decentralization. 

Newdex Influencer Global Recruitment Progam

As it continued on with its tradition of promoting decentralization, it is launching the “second season” of its “Newdex Influencer Global Recruitment Progam.” Its main aim is to attract global aspirants who are interested in joining Newdex to build a new era of decentralized trading and help it develop the new growth phase in Newdex, reaffirming its place as the leading decentralized trading venue in the industry. Interested applications may read the following section to better understand the program.

Application Rules and Qualifications

The Newdex Influencer Program is open to everyone! It is a global initiative, not limited to individuals and Newdex will not discriminate based on age, gender, social standing, or occupation. While the program is open to all interested applicants, there are certain recruitment conditions that should be met. These include the profound interest in blockchain technology and digital assets, support the EOS ecosystem and actively contribute to its healthy development, and lastly, understand, and use the Newdex platform. 

Applicants who have experience running communities and digital currency-related social media and content creation such as articles or videos are preferred. There will only be ten (10) chosen Newdex influencers who will be accepted into its program.
Benefits of hired Newdex Influencers
Once hired, each of the Newdex influencers will get an exclusive Influencer medal (represented in the EOS account). Influencers will be given priority in participating in Newdex official online and offline activities. They will also be remunerated in NDX  every month depending on their work and contribution. Finally, they will be featured on an exclusive page, official publicity releases, and in Newdex’s official Twitter account. There will also be organized activities regularly on social platforms that will mutually be beneficial for Newdex and its hired influencers. 

Application Procedure

Those who are interested in applying for one of the Newdex Influencer position can do so by filling out the Newdex Influencer application form here. Chosen applicants and those who met the stipulated conditions will be contacted within 7 days. Once selected, the newly anointed Newdex influencers shall immediately begin exercising their duties and obligations within the agreed time period. They will be awarded the exclusive Newdex Influencer medal which symbolizes the important role they play in our platform and marks the beginning as the official Newdex Influencers.
Responsibilities of Newdex Influencer
The ten (10) selected Newdex influencers have the following responsibilities: 

1、Newdex Influencers are expected to organize and manage local EOS and Newdex communities. They are expected to collect, coordinate, and communicate problems of users and community members and report them to Newdex officials regularly every week.
2、They will also be responsible for gathering and distribution of all Newdex-related resources in their jurisdiction. They will serve as the primary contact of Newdex officials for local cooperation and maintenance work and help to expand the EOS ecosystem locally.
3、They are expected to cooperate with Newdex officials, community, media and etc. to plan online or offline activities as well as making marketing suggestions for their own region or area of responsibility.
4、Finally, they are required to submit a monthly summary of the development of local work, submit a work plan for the succeeding month or quarter, and submit it to the official designated mailbox.
Disqualification or Exit Mechanism
Due to the limited slots allotted and the importance of the positions of Newdex Influencers the title should be considered as a privilege and should be taken seriously. Hence there are also conditions in which the title can be revoked. Failure to participate in Newdex Influencer activities for three consecutive months will automatically cancel the Newdex Influencer’s status. In addition, causing losses to Newdex and its users as well as affecting adversely the effectiveness of activities may also result in the cancellation of the Newdex Influencers position. Lastly, Newdex influencers should not use their position in for-profit or illegal activities.

Everyone is Invited!
If you think you have what it takes to become a Newdex influencer then you are more than welcome to apply and partake in this very rewarding opportunity. If you know someone that you think might be qualified and interested please pass on the good news, your friend or acquaintance might become the next Newdex Influencer, how cool would that be? So what are you waiting for? Apply or spread the word and help in finding people that will contribute to building the future of decentralized trading. 

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Organization: NEWDEX

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