New York City Law Firm Launches New Website Design

The Klein Law Group, a workers' compensation law firm located in New York City, has launched a brand new web design to improve user experience for their clients.

In an effort to improve The Klein Law Group’s website user experience for current and potential clientele a brand new website design has been officially launched. As an innovative law firm, The Klein Law Group is consistently looking for ways to stay up to date with not only the law but with new ways to better serve their clients. Particularly in this age in which Internet and website communication is a more common and often preferred channel between clients and law firms, they wanted only the best and latest for their clientele.

The redesign project began in early April and after initial discussions, further consulting and in depth rework, the finalized design was launched live in May. The new website design includes a fresher, cleaner appearance with updated typography and web safe fonts. Site users and clients will find it easier to navigate the site with an improved and consolidated navigational system. This was achieved through a number of changes but mainly through grouping like elements, for example videos, together to keep the design organized and the site a breeze to navigate. In addition, rather than multiple practice area menus, a single menu was created to make it simpler for their workers’ compensation clients to find the topic of their choice.

Users may also find the color scheme to be easy on the eyes, inviting and professional. Moreover, the design was adjusted so that most of the content remains higher up within the viewing screen so that website users would not have to continually scroll down.

The Klein Law Group is excited to share this new website design with all clients and future clients. It is important to them that the goal to provide superior and quality legal services extends to every facet of the clients’ experience with their law firm. The law firm is confident that this will include a fantastic website user experience.

Contact Info:
Name: David Klein
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Organization: The Klein Law Group
Address: 11 Broadway, Suite 960 New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212-344-9022

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