New Website Offers Gopher Trap Options

DIY Gopher Removal website provides a database of information on the topic. Methods and products which are effective in eliminating or preventing gopher problems.

Michael Jibrael is pleased to announce the launch of his informational web site, The site described various methods and products which are effective in eliminating pests such as gophers. A gopher trap is just one of the methods which can be effective against the rodents which can destroy food crops and decorative plantings around the home or garden. The method which is selected by the homeowner is dependent upon a number of factors. Some of the components which may affect the decision include cost, location, safety for children and animals and availability of the product.

The website is a one-stop location which provides reviews of the various traps and other products which may be effective against the gophers. Specific products are highlighted with a full review. The site also features educational materials and suggestions which have been used by homeowners and customers. Getting rid of an infestation of gophers is only half of the problem. Homeowners also are provided with tips on preventing the return of the vermin.

Active traps include gopher baskets, lethal traps and live traps. There are various models within each of these categories of traps. Homeowners may also want to make use of baits, poisons and smoke and gas to kill the pests. The risk of each type of kill methods will be affected by the presence of children and/or pets.

Repellent methods include electronics and other products, some of which are natural while others are dependent upon chemicals. There are some homeowners who depend upon the presence of domestic pets and animals to serve as a deterrent to a gopher infestation. When selecting a method for eliminating the creatures from lawn or garden, achieving a balance between safety and effectiveness is the purpose of the information on the website. Those individuals looking for solutions do not have to rely on individual trial-and-error to make a decision.

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