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Freshly-established online review portal has been enjoying increased interest from gamers. Creator Paul Janowski states that it was always a dream of his to be involved in the gaming industry in some form, even though his regular job is a graphic designe

Fragland is the name of a freshly-launched gaming website whose sole purpose is to provide authentic product reviews and useful tips about them. It has been receiving widespread attention from users who find the materials on it to accurately present industry facts. Established by a group of young non-professionals, the portal is being regularly updated.

Paul Janowski is the main person behind the website. According to his very own words, gaming has always been a passion of his. He even once wanted to create graphics for some of the top names in the sphere. This partially came to be as his day job is that of a graphic designer.

Fragland’s team is composed of his close circle of friends, each of whom has a so-called ‘soft spot’ for virtual reality. They have high standards and do not let their personal views and beliefs interfere with the objectiveness of the articles and reviews available on the portal.

The staff regularly carries out surveys and inquiries among its users in order to better determine which are the topics of main interest. Mr. Janowski says that people’s main concerns revolve around products and this is why most of the reviews concern the best gaming keyboard, mouse, chair or headset.

Noticing that most people like having an extended number of products from which to choose, the staff decided to include at least a couple in each article. Reviews like ‘best gaming keyboard’ also require the founding team to carry out exclusive consultations with technological experts.

Paul Janowski explains that if they had not done this, then wouldn’t have been able to find out that most gamers actually prefer to operate on mechanical keyboards. Users also appear to be quite fond of this method as visitor statistics at have been rising.

When performing research for the best gaming keyboard review, Janowski also determined that products with built-in LED light are climbing higher up the sales charts. He is of the opinion that this is mainly due to the simple fact that users like to fully indulge in the gaming experience and anything that manages to enhance it and give a more surreal feel to the surroundings is always warmly welcomed.

Quality and price are also factors that most players pay significant attention to. Paul himself known this pretty well as he dedicates a large portion of his free time to games. He attributes his graphic designer profession to the beautiful images he was impressed by while playing.

The online players’ community has stated in existing testimonials that this one of the main reasons why they decided to follow Fragland’s product reports closely. They consider that Mr. Janowski is closer to their state of mind and views than any other founder of a blog or web portal dedicated to gaming. staff has further clarified that also takes a look into the history of a given brand when compiling a review such as the best gaming keyboard one. This is not their only criterion, however, as the device’s technical capacities and parameters can alter the final verdict on it without view if the manufacturer has been in the business for decades or not.

Paul Janowski does not take Fragland’s successful launch for granted. He wishes to see that visitor charts will only continue to rise in the following months. Since most users consider the reviews to be truly helpful and objective, this should not be a problem.

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