New Webinar To Help People Use To Start A Business At Home With A Limited Budget.

The Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program, enables anyone to become a seller and have their entire logistic, sales, billing and support handled by Barry Plaskow helps newbies get started.

(USA, Correspondent News)- 30 million Americans and growing are working from home in the booming e-commerce industry. The Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program is doing the heavy lifting by handling the promoting, order taking, warehousing and shipping for anyone who wants to sell or resell products.
“FBA is becoming a true niche in the work-from-home market” says Dan Hollings, who has personally trained more than 10,000 students on how to build an e-commerce business based on FBA.

As demand for startup assistance increases, online marketing professionals have stepped in to help. These pros are dedicated to assisting newbies with the technical and marketing efforts needed to set up an online business. They create value-added training programs and marketing software geared specifically to help individuals build a business on Amazon.

“This is becoming a niche-industry exactly the same way today's $5 Billion Search Engine Optimization Industry was unintentionally created by Google” adds Barry Plaskow, a marketing veteran, who heads a leading online company for the work-from-home industry. Plaskow, together with Hollings, run the AmzoNinja project, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build businesses on the FBA platform.
In 2014 Amazon sold 2 billion units worldwide. This record breaking number is owed in part to the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program. In the United States there are 17.9 million solopreneurs and an additional 12.1 million side-giggers who also maintain a day job. These numbers are growing exponentially every year.

Fulfillment By Amazon is growing by 50 percent or more year after year and includes sellers from 100 different countries fulfilling orders to customers in 185 countries.

“The key to success in this industry is to find a simple, yet robust solution, because those working from home are limited in time, know-how and funds. FBA is exactly that, a simple, yet powerful solution you can use to grow your own home-based business.”

Barry Plaskow And Dan Hollings regularly host webinars to help people get started with Amazon’s Fulfillment Program.

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