New Training Empowers Professional Women to Increase Business by Focusing on Balance and Authenticity

Lynn Schulte teaches women how accessing their feminine power translates into significant business growth

A new study from international firm Ernst & Young found that America’s most successful women entrepreneurs and professionals are finding financial success by playing to their female strengths, specifically naming community-building and collaboration.

Being a successful business woman by “being a woman” is also in the spotlight with the premier of MAKERS: Women in Business, a new series airing on PBS that interviews some of the most successful women in the world.

“Most of the time, women are showing up as men in their business,” said Lynn Schulte, business coach and creator of the transformative Rich and Radiant webinar series. “They feel the need to be competitive and forceful. As more and more female professionals stop trying to play by men’s rules and instead embrace their feminine energies, like being receptive, nurturing, and collaborative, they can earn any seat at the table.”

Schulte teaches women how to attract more business and generate bigger profits by tapping their deep feminine power, something that is just now being accepted by the global professional society, such as the movement brought to light by Sheryl Sandberg in her book, "Lean In."

According to Schulte, women feel they need to act like men to earn respect in the workplace, which is a “world” that was, after all, created by men in the first place. Men and women each have masculine and feminine energies within them. The key, says Schulte, is creating balance between the two in one’s business.

“Masculine energy is characterized by being driven, focused, competitive, logical and linear,” said Schulte. “Feminine energy is characterized by being receptive, nurturing, collaborative, and in the flow. Men and women have both energies within them and we want to have balance in both aspects. Yet in business, we tend to focus on the masculine way of doing things. The feminine way is just starting to be recognized and respected.”

All of Schulte’s work connects the mental with the physical. For example, Schulte first teaches women how to establish a strong foundation in their pelvic space. The pelvic space is the storehouse for all unresolved emotions and trauma. Second, she helps women awaken and cultivate their feminine essence by cultivating their ovaries (which house the feminine and masculine energies) and uterus. Lastly, Schulte focuses on women’s birth imprints, which can explain why many women feel “blocked”.

Completing these steps to rebirth their radiance ignites an inner spark that allows women to boldly shine in their business.

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