New Tenant Screening Service Helps Landlords Stop Evictions

How Landlords Are Stopping Evictions with This New Tenant Background Check

A new service is helping Landlords stop evictions across the United States. The service, the first of its kind, offers Landlords, Property Managers and Real Estate Agents , a comprehensive national background and evictions check with a money back guarantee.

Tenant Screening Services are specialized renters background checks run by property owners and landlords to make sure their tenants can afford to pay the rent and don’t have a troublesome history with previous rentals. The service, Easy Tenant (, aims to simplify the tenant credit check process for landlords, property managers, real estate agents and other real estate professionals.

“We’ve fundamentally changed the way landlords can view and access tenant screening reports”, said James Rafelson, Marketing Director. “If before, they had to make a phone call to view a rental history report on a prospective renter, now you only need to take 3 clicks and you’re done”.

Since the Great Recession and mortgage housing crisis, more and more Americans have switched to renting apartments and single family homes. Landlords need a comprehensive way to check important information about their tenants, including: credit history, previous evictions, criminal background, sex offender services, and even driving license records.

The product includes a national eviction and criminal search, as well as advanced searches including TransUnion credit reports, bankruptcy and judgment search, employment verification and even previous landlord reference verification.

About is the premier criminal background check and tenant screening tool for Real Estate Professionals. Founded by Industry Veterans, it offers tenant reports that can be viewed anywhere. The software supports both small landlords with a few units to multifamily executives with 10,000 units.

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