New Study Says Healthy Eating Improves Long-term Brain Health

Holistic health coach helps women achieve better mental, physical health using clean eating principles

Neurology, the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology, released this week a study that links diets centered on nutrient-rich foods and antioxidants to reduced memory loss in old age.

“What we eat translates into who we are,” said holistic health specialist Gabrielle Brick, who is also a life coach and creator of The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar, which was the first raw chocolate bar ever sold at Whole Foods Market. “This study backs up a principle that the holistic health community has adhered to for years – that food doesn’t just make us skinny or fat, but also has the power to heal, restore and improve the quality of our lives long-term. “

Prospective clients can learn more about Brick’s services by visiting her website.

Brick, who was featured on the E! Network and WE TV when the raw and superfood movements were just beginning, has also developed Sun & Moon Organics Superfood Mixes and AVATAR Snack of Superheroes, as part of her commitment to sharing healthy food products with the world.

“Food is my passion,” said Brick. “I love to eat it, drink it and create with it. I enjoy exploring its healing powers and teaching others how they can use its restorative powers as medicine.”

Brick, who cured her own chronic health issues by targeting nutrient-rich foods, helps her clients achieve lifetime physical and mental health improvements by implementing a high quality diet and unique coaching methods. Committed to helping women reclaim their health and happiness through holistic nutrition and radical self-love, Brick offers a targeted program, Sexy, Fit & Fabulous, for women ready to change their lives.

“There are no rules, only choices – especially when it comes to food,” Brick said. “Having studied with health food experts like David Wolfe, I’ve come to realize that the chronic issues that are so prevalent in our society today – issues like obesity, diabetes, depression, memory loss and dementia – are inextricably linked to the food we feed ourselves. With each morsel we put in our mouths, we decide our future. Your life depends on being able to decipher which foods are best. That’s why enlisting the help of a holistic health specialist is so important.”

Opening the door for healthy products hoping to go to market, Brick also designed the Healthy Product Hub™, a place for entrepreneurs to gather and learn how to successfully launch their own health products. She provides training in brand building, culture creation, social media, online sales and storefront best practices.

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