New Study By Candela Research Group Reveals One Of The Most Reliable Touch Screen Manufacturers

The Candela Research Group has recently announced the results of its study into the reliability of touch screen monitors, and has found Tech Global to offer the most reliable monitors on the market.

Candela Research Group, a B2B technology research company, announced today new insights on the reliability of touch screen monitors. 

A study between five of the most popular touch screen monitors revealed that the mean time between failures (MTBF) range between 30,000 – 50,000 hours. MTBF is an important metric that measures the average duration (usually in hours) before the product fails. This metric gives a good indication of how reliable the product is under ideal conditions.

Data was collected from distributors spec sheets as well as through direct contact with the manufacturers to see how reliable they claim their products are. 30,000 hours only translates to 3.4 years of continuous use, which may not be an option for mission-critical, healthcare or commercial applications.

Tech Global, a touch screen manufacturer based out of Elgin, Illinois, has developed breakthrough technology that offers 124,000 hours MTBF that previously was never thought possible for a touch screen display. This translates to virtually over 14 years of reliability; making them equipped to tackle the most rigorous commercial and industrial use. Medical grade monitors are also available with further protection, ideal for most healthcare environments.  

Jerry Byrd, Tech Global’s director of business development, explained, “Tech Global 24/7 touch screen solutions have a less than 1% failure rate for the last 11 years. When lives are on the line, there is only one company you can trust for the best quality, service, and performance.”

The majority of Tech Global’s clientele are in the medical, commercial, and mission-critical industries, which use their touch screen displays in 24/7 always-on stressful environments. More information about Tech Global’s commercial and medical grade monitors, visit their website at or call by phone at (312) 477-0005.

A spokesperson for Candela Research Group explained, “We were very surprised to see one manufacturer changing the game in such an impressive way. This is a giant leap forward in the touch screen industry.”
About Candela Research Group: Candela Research Group conducts product and market research for businesses that require comprehensive data and actionable insights. Their extensive expertise in a wide range of industries enables them to conduct 3rd party research effectively & efficiently.

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