New Standard of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is Steam

Calamus Enterprises provides commercial deep cleaning services with hot steam, which is able to clean even the most unhygienic restaurants kitchens.

Commercial kitchens are used for various food products and by multiple people allowing it to become a home for many pest, bacteria and viruses. As the unseen disease and the obvious dirt collects it gets harder to remove it and the area becomes hazardous for health. First option and a solution seems to be a simple daily wiping, sweeping and mopping, which unfortunately in the long-run is not hygienic. The dirty floors, mucky areas and grimey crevices require professional kitchen cleaning, that can extend to hidden bacteria. That is why the best kitchen deep cleaning companies have found steam deep cleaning to be the solution for removing dirt from even the most unreachable surfaces while not harming the surroundings. Besides being the strongest and deepest cleaning option, what people often do not realize is that it is the most economical and environmental-friendly solution.

Healthier solution results in cleaner kitchen

The reasons for the new trend to evolve are many and quite obvious. Depending on chemicals being used, cleaning of the kitchen can cause a risk to employers in the kitchen area and for people consuming the restaurant’s meals. Mike Calamus’ flourishing deep cleaning business, CE Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, serves hundreds of kitchens a year in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Baltimore, Columbia, Bethesda, Arlington and Alexandria areas. He started using hot steam for his kitchen deep cleaning company because the steam offers a solution, that is both environmentally friendly, uses least amount of chemicals and removes even the strongest dirt.

Long-lasting Kitchen Equipment

Expensive kitchen equipment often does not get enough attention during kitchen cleaning, and many smaller areas that are out of reach can be left unnoticed, which can cause the restaurant’s machinery to malfunction and a failing grade by health inspectors. Recently expanded to Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas, CE commercial kitchen cleaning helps restaurants pass health inspection offering both kitchen equipment cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning service. Recognizing the capabilities of steam cleaning, the company area manager Mike Shuliak admits that hot steam is the optimal solution for removing diseases and old grease from kitchen equipment, as it is often the grime and dirt that affects the lifetime of the appliance.

Even walls and tiles

Similarly to Calamus, Margus Luik from CE commercial kitchen cleaning North Carolina Raleigh has seen a demand for steam cleaning, 3 Reasons Restaurants Should Deep Clean Their Kitchen. In addition to cleaning the equipment, Luik offers steam cleaning for tile floor and walls serving cities Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Cary in NC.

The commercial kitchen cleaning companies being part of Calamus Enterprises Llc (CE) together provide best commercial kitchen deep cleaning and highest quality commercial kitchen equipment steam cleaning services for a list of clients. Most known clients include Whole Foods, Hilton, Pfizer, Towson University, Discovery Telecommunications, Saudi Arabia Embassy, Washington National Cathedral, Holy Cross Hospitals, Sodexo, plus they are the U.S. government and DoD official contractor. As one can imagine, all of the kitchens vary from size and capacity, but Calamus Enterprises has set the standard high to provide each commercial kitchen with clean environmentally-friendly results without any disease or bacteria.

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