New Social Price App Gives Users Their Inherent Value To Their Friends And The World

The app uses social, environmental, political and economic intangibles to calculate human worth as a point value.

In times of accelerating scientific and technological progress, children educated today will be looking for jobs that do not exist yet. In such a world, where one can achieve relative fame amid a small demographic in multiplayer online games, or excel at a lesser known activity born out of a singular passion, it can be difficult to ascertain one’s true worth in the increasingly global cultural milieu. For those who wish to discover their true value, a new app has been launched called Social Price, which aims to put a concrete figure on intangible aspects of a person’s life to reveal to them just how valuable they really are.

The idea of human ranking may seem at first to be against the sensibilities of those who seek to be non-judgmental and open minded, but the scoring system is based on multiple intangible x-factors that have not yet been taken into account by traditional psychometric testing.

By attributing a value to people’s level of interactivity, sociability, influence, networking, applicable skills, hobbies and interests, Social Price aims to create a more holistic vision of human worth than old ideas currently support. With this app, full integration with mobile and online features make increasing one’s sense of self worth a fun game to play with friends.

A spokesperson for the app explained, “In a society as mercurial as the one we live in today, we can no longer assert our worth merely form the watch we wear or the company we work for. Instead, people now seem to gravitate more toward those who are pro-social, passionate, and interested. These values don’t have a socio-economic grading like a salary, which makes it difficult to understand our place in life relative to old systems. By creating this app, we can discover our current social value and that of those in our friendship groups and networks, then cultivate our social price to increase it.”

About Social Price
The Social Price app is unique because it measures intangible qualities, such as social relationships and personality traits, and translate this into a social value score measured in monetary terms. The app also provides the user valuable tips to help improve his or her score and means to share the score with friends and social networks.

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