New Sites Mechanic Base and Review Jam Cater to Mechanics, Home Improvement Fans

Two new sites launched by a longtime professional mechanic and DIY home improvement enthusiast are dedicated to providing accurate, trustworthy information and reviews, founder reports

DIY mechanics, gardeners, and home improvement fans now have some great new online resources, thanks to the recent launch of Mechanic Base and Review Jam. Founded by a professional mechanic with more than ten years of experience, Mechanic Base was created to provide accurate car repair information and reviews. From automotive tools and accessories to home and garden equipment, Review Jam hosts a wide range of unbiased, in-depth product reviews that readers can rely upon. Visitors who like what they discover can keep up with the two new sites on Facebook, with many updates already scheduled for the future.

"I've been a professional mechanic for more than a decade and a DIY home improvement enthusiast for even longer," said Mechanic Base and Review Jam founder Josh S. "While I've found each of these pursuits to be extremely rewarding, accurate information has too often been difficult to come by. I created Mechanic Base and Review Jam to provide the kinds of reliable information that mechanics and home and garden DIYers need and deserve. We're committed to providing hard-to-find info like car-specific trouble codes alongside truly unbiased reviews that our readers can trust."

Research service Statista estimates that the home and garden market in the United States now racks up more than $280 billion annually overall. With much of this spending being devoted to tools, equipment, and devices that make various tasks around the home easier, homeowners nationwide benefit from access to informed advice about which products are the worthiest of their hard-earned dollars.

V12Data recently reported that the average age of passenger vehicles in the United States has risen 17 percent over the course of the last decade. With American drivers keeping their cars and trucks for so much longer, interest in fixing and maintaining them has been rising steadily, as well.

Mechanic Base and Review Jam were created to provide all the information and insights amateur mechanics and home improvement fans could possibly need. Originally hosted at, Mechanic Base has quickly become a favorite of DIY mechanics on Facebook and elsewhere since its move to a new domain. With a more specific focus on publishing in-depth reviews and buyer's guides for automotive, home, and garden tools and equipment, Review Jam has built up a loyal fan base of its own since its recent launch. Both new sites already host many helpful features and reviews and will be updated regularly.

About Mechanic Base:

Dedicated to providing free, accurate, hard-to-find automotive repair information and product reviews, Mechanic Base is a trustworthy partner for mechanics everywhere.

About Review Jam:

Review Jam is a leading authority on auto repair, home, and garden tools and equipment of all kinds. From buyer's guides that highlight the top products in each niche to reliable, in-depth reviews, Review Jam has it all.

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