New Site Generator Geek Launches, Providing Useful Generator-Related Information

Comprehensive guide to solar generators and looks at top models from Briggs and Stratton, Yamaha, Generac, and more greet visitors to new site, Generator Geek reports

The founders of Generator Geek announced that the new site has launched and is now serving visitors at With a wide selection of reviews and guides already in place, Generator Geek makes an impressive entrance as a top resource for those interested in home, outdoor, and portable generators of all kinds. The new website's editors are committed to publishing a steady stream of useful, relevant, generator-related information for visitors, and early response to the site has been highly positive.

"We're happy to announce that Generator Geek is now up and running at," site representative Denny M. Jones said, "We've put a lot of work into the site and are proud of what we've achieved. Whether it's to look at our comprehensive guide to solar generators or find out which Briggs and Stratton models are the best of all, we encourage everyone with an interest in generators to stop by."

Even with grid-supplied electrical service a basic fact of life across the country, interest in consumer-targeted power generators is consistently high. Residents of tornado-prone parts of the United States have long appreciated how such units can return a sense of normalcy to life in the aftermath of a storm. After so-called "super storms" in the Northeast in recent years, demand jumped significantly in that part of the country, too, according to a New York Times report.

While consumer-grade generators can be useful for everything from residential backup power to providing electricity at campsites and other locations off the grid, shopping for them often proves to be confusing. Generators vary widely in their capabilities and intended purposes, leaving many would-be buyers looking for help.

Generator Geek was founded to provide that much-needed assistance. With a commitment to publishing clear, useful information covering the whole range of generator-related topics, the editors of the focused new site take aim at an online niche that has so far remained unfilled.

For the launch of the new site, a number of articles addressing some of the most common generator-related questions were commissioned and published. An in-depth guide to solar-powered generators, for example, provides everything buyers will want to know about these increasingly widespread tools for turning sunlight into electricity. A look at leading manufacturer Briggs and Stratton's top five generators for residential use will be just as interesting to readers, covering the features and advantages of some of the most popular generators on the market today.

With a number of other, equally useful articles also in place, Generator Geek already stands as a top online resource for those interested in generators. The new site will also be updated and expanded regularly as time goes on.

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