New Site Created to Specifically Help the Self Employed Get Car Credit

The self employed often find it difficult to get credit. A new site has been founded to help the self employed and those with bad credit ratings buy a car on finance.

New site, launched in February 2015 the aim of the site is to help self-employed people looking for affordable and poor credit car loans. On the Self Employed Car Finance site they say, “Even if you have bad credit history or have been refused car finance in the past, we can help you with your application as we consider all circumstances of self-employed applicants, such as previous bankruptcies, county court judgements, arrears, or defaults. Simply apply today for a self-employed car loan and get an instant decision within an hour.”

Hire purchase or HP is one of the simplest types of car finance. Consumers usually pay a cash deposit or part exchange and use their old car as a deposit, no deposit car finance is often available too. The consumer then hires the car with an option to buy it by the end of the HP contract.

Self employed people can suffer from a sporadic income, the self employed don't usually get holiday or sickness pay and can struggle to prove their income. Self Employed Car Finance say, they think that getting a car loan should be easy for the self-employed and so they decided to create their site, the site aims to specifically help those that are self employed or have poor credit and are looking to buy a new car. On their about page the websites founders say they have access to more than 20 lenders and can offer over 100 different car finance products.

Self Employed Car Finance say that they have secured exclusive low rates, do not require deposits and are happy to provide no obligation quotes. Consumers who arrange their finance through the site get their own personal advisor and can buy their vehicle from any car dealership.

Applying for car finance takes about fives minutes, Self Employed Car Finance have a calculator to help borrowers work out how much they can borrow and the cost over their preferred term. Once the application form is completed and the application accepted it will be assigned to a finance advisor, the finance advisor and customer will discuss requirements and the customer can start looking for their car. The customer only needs to supply Self Employed Car Finance with the car dealers information, the company will then do the rest. The site has an extensive FAQ to help users learn more about car finance and discover how the process works.

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