New Site, Aims to Introduce Chinese Smartphones to UK Consumers

Chinese smartphones tend to be far cheaper than brands found on the UK high street but they are often better specified. A new site has been created to review Chinese smartphone brands and offer a guide to UK consumers. is a new site created by Chinese smartphone enthusiasts. In one of the guides on the site say, “there are countless advantages to picking a Chinese smartphone over one from a Western manufacturer, from price to software, there are some things that the lesser known Chinese brands do that nobody else can replicate.”

China has a population of 1.37 billion and the worlds largest phone market, many Chinese phone brands are not known in the west. Xiaomi, a brand not know to most western consumers became the worlds third largest phone manufacturer in 2014. Chinese smartphones are more competitively priced and can offer western consumers many features not currently found on western phones.

Alec James, the founder of says a common concern UK consumers have is whether the phones will work in the UK. Alec was asked this question so often he added a guide to the site. The guide can be found at this link and covers the things that worry most people, common concerns UK consumers have include the phones charging function, language settings and of course, standard mobile phone functions. The conclusion to Alec's guide is that most phones will work in the UK. Alec cautions that not all Chinese smartphones will have perfect English, some are badly translated.

Android is a very popular phone operating system in China, Android is an open-source mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. The operating system was originally developed by Android Inc. a company that was acquired by Google in 2005, the Android operating system was first launched in 2007. Android has quickly become the worlds most popular mobile OS, the operating system is more widely used that all its major competitors put together.

The latest version of the Android operating system is 5.0 Lollipop. Android 5.0 will have a more intuitive UI, a screen cast function, a guest account feature for different phone users and many other features, more can be learned about Android 5.0 in the video below: has a guide which lists the outlets from where western users can buy a Chinese smartphone, the site advises users that their purchases maybe subject to import duty unless they buy from a UK or EU based supplier.

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