New Simple Technique Discovered To Create Hack-Proof Passwords

A simple technique has been recently found to defeat brute force hacking of passwords by Dr. Peter Achutha.

After experiencing several successful hacks of his websites and attempts at his gmail account over the last two years, Dr. Peter Achutha has developed a simple technique to create hack proof passwords.

He says there are two basic necessities for a hack proof password - namely the length of the password and the complexity of the password. A numeric password whose length is 4 digits can be hacked, from any where around the world across the internet, within 17 minutes. Longer passwords take a longer period of time to go through all the combinations.

Dr.Peter Achutha says "Make sure your password is sufficiently long. I use a 24 digit password which can take trillions of years to hack. And contrary to popular belief they can easily be remembered, if you apply some simple techniques. I do take other precautions like forgetting what my password is."

He advices that computer and Internet users should not only use extremely strong passwords, they should ensure their PC's are cleaned of any malware or keystroke recording spyware.

More information can be found on his recent article that talks about hack proofing one's password. He also been known for other articles on how to begin a blog and how to increase visitor traffic.

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