New Series Of LiveViewGPS Studies Highlights The Value Of GPS For Businesses

From roofing contractors to emergency medical transport companies, Global Positioning System technology can improve productivity and heighten efficiency, LiveViewGPS reports

Businesses that hope to compete in the modern, globalized marketplace have to keep costs low and productivity high. A number of new reports at the LiveViewGPS website detail how affordable Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies and services can help businesses of many different kinds achieve both goals. By encouraging efficiency and the reduction of waste and creating productivity-enhancing accountability, LiveViewGPS devices and service plans help businesses achieve at even higher levels. The new reports describe how inexpensive GPS solutions can empower businesses ranging from coach and emergency medical transport services to roofing contractors and logistics specialists. The company's new case studies and reports are available now at the LiveViewGPS website, where visitors can also learn about the full range of its GPS products and services.

"Many businesses today are seeking new ways of becoming more efficient and productive," said LiveViewGPS CEO George Karonis, "GPS technology has proved to be one of the most versatile and widely applicable tools of all. Even for companies that are already making successful use of GPS, there often turn out to be new opportunities that had gone overlooked. The new series of reports at our website delves into some of the many different ways that GPS can create competitive advantages for businesses. We think business leaders in a wide range of industries are going to enjoy some interesting reading."

Originally and officially known as "Navstar," the network of geosynchronous satellites that enables Global Positioning System location technology was originally launched in 1978. Still owned and operated by the United States government, today's GPS network includes 31 satellites that together allow for location precision of as little as 5 meters over much of the planet's surface.

While many people enjoy the benefits provided by their GPS-enabled smartphones, there are even more practical and momentous ways of making use of the technology outside of the military applications that originally motivated its creation. LiveViewGPS is a leading provider of products and services that help clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies and government agencies to small businesses and families make fruitful use of GPS.

A series of recently published reports at the LiveViewGPS website details some of the specific ways by which businesses can do so. Roofing contractors, for example, can use GPS to improve employee productivity and cut down on wasted labor hours while also protecting against claims of negligence or tardiness. Deploying affordable GPS equipment and services can also help contractors better plan work and travel in light of weather conditions, cut down on unnecessary overtime, and even protect against the expensive theft of vehicles, tools, and materials.

With many other rewarding GPS applications for companies described in depth in the new reports at the LiveViewGPS website, business leaders of many different focuses will enjoy plenty of relevant, eye-opening reading. As one of the country's leading GPS technology specialists, LiveViewGPS offers a wide range of cost-effective products and services, all of which are detailed at the company's website, as well.

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