New Self-Awareness System Leads Successful Men to Healthy Relationships

With marriage rates lower than ever, yoga expert Lori O'Doherty helps men find and keep long-term relationships with her new self-awareness system, "Get The Woman Of Your Dreams In 90 Days or Less".

According to the American Psychological Association, up to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. Relationships dissolve when feelings of blame, shame, guilt, anger, resentment and more take over. Recent studies show that yoga can be beneficial in keeping a marriage healthy, and one woman has traveled to India and back to help successful, single men find an amazing woman and be their passionate counterpart.

An expert in yoga and Tantra, Lori O'Doherty has made it her life's work to help people.

"By bringing men through a journey of dialog, they can quickly eliminate the pitfalls of finding a significant other or pushing them away," says O'Doherty. "My focus is to help men who are booming in all areas of their life except in finding a woman. It's not dating. This is a magnetically attracting system. They can experience more love and passion using minimal effort. The minimal effort technique is a self-awareness system that a man can use in a relationship to avoid loathing and feeling dissatisfaction."

Lori has had several spiritual awakenings at a young age and more in her adulthood while studying yoga and meditative practices. The word "yoga" translates into "union". Marriage is also a union, a union between two people who committed to share their lives in a loving relationship. The practice of yoga is to seek that union of yourself, and eventually, to others around you. It creates feelings of compassion, brings clarity, and helps you have progress in life. By incorporating this art into a relationship, Lori has been a resource for many men--ultimately pushing her to create an online program.

It has been her persistent students nudging Lori to teach more, which has led her to release this work and tailor it towards men. In her program, men can engage in live lessons and work with Lori online. O'Doherty has big plans for her program, hoping to expand into retreat-like events, creating an environment where couples can go to focus entirely on each other.

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