New Research Suggests Talcum Powder May Be Linked to Ovarian Cancer

California Attorney Advises Persons That Have Developed Ovarian Cancer After Prolonged Talcum Powder Use To Seek Immediate Legal Advice.

When a long trusted, commonly used product by a widely respected, traditional brand turns potentially deadly, consumers race to find if they are affected. Such is the case with ordinary talcum powder and alleged links to ovarian and cervical cancers. Are you affected?

Recent research indicates possible causality between the prolonged use of talcum powder and the development of ovarian cancer. Ledger Law, a leading and nationally recognized law firm, continually seeks to provide the public with the latest information on the potential health risks and dangers associated with products containing talcum and baby powder use.

A recent lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and their talcum based baby powder, resulted in an award of $72 million to the family of Jacqueline Fox, who died of ovarian cancer in 2015. She had used Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder most of her life. The jury concluded Johnson & Johnson was liable for negligence in failing to warn consumers of the potential risk in using their product.

Knowing the need to continually educate the public regarding the potential dangers associated with talcum in consumer products, The Ledger Law Firm maintains a comprehensive web resource for understanding and keeping up the latest developments and research of the potential side effects of talcum powder.

Ledger Law founder, Emery Ledger explained: “Informing consumers is a prime duty in such matters. We publish and update a full summary of the scientific findings regarding the possible link between talcum powder and cervical and ovarian cancer. Additionally, our site provides details of the latest legal results against Johnson & Johnson in this matter. This information will not only help those diagnosed put the pieces together and take action accordingly, but may also help prevent other families from undertaking what is now alleged to be a potentially dangerous and life-threatening practice. We hope this will allow people to comprehend current thinking and implications, then quickly contact legal professionals to assist them in making considered decisions for themselves and their loved ones.”

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