New Property Website Launches in Singapore To Assist Buyers In Their Property Purchase

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One Stop Web Portal is launched in Singapore to assist interested buyers of properties in their purchase decision.

In this highly informative age, people tend to do a lot of research through the Internet to assist on their decision purchase over something which is of their interest. From fashion clothing to cars to even properties, people nowadays depend highly on search engine for their research.

Official New Launch is an informative new website offering information on new property launches in Singapore. From private condominiums to cluster houses, the website offers a detail and accurate facts about the individual property for the interested buyers to read and analyze.

Online resources such as Official New Launch website was launched to allow people to gain more information about a particular new condo launch in Singapore. More than just a brochure, the website has become a tool for people to use for their research before deciding if they would be interested to visit the actual show gallery. Official New Launch comes with filter option to allow potential buyers to filter properties according to their reason of purchase: for own stay, investment or both. With the interactive Google map embedded into the website, users are able to visualize and know the actual location and the distance travel from the property to their desired location. If these are not impressive enough, the website also provides a live chat ready to assist the visitors regarding any information about the properties.

In addition, the individual property website explores six good reasons why the property is a good buy. One good example of such individual property website is Duo Residences.

Information such as how accessible the property is to the convenience of the location, Official New Launch was launched as a one stop reliable resource for people who truly want to know more about a specific property in Singapore.

About Official New Launch:
Official New Launch is an informative website providing reliable information and tools for interested investors to research and to know more about the property well before visiting the actual sales gallery.

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