New Platform Instills Kindness in Kids by Turning Important Days into Fundraising Opportunities

Important Days turned into Fundraising Opportunities

All parents want their kids to grow into kind and compassionate individuals. Give My Day has come up with a novel and inspiring way to instill these values at an early age through events such as birthdays, mitzvahs, graduations and other important occasions. In lieu of gifts for their special day, children can set up a personalized fundraising page on Give My Day and ask friends and family to donate to a charity of their choice.

Surveys reveal that 87% of parents consider kindness as the most important character attribute they would like to see in their children. However, not many parents actually strike up engaging conversations with kids centering around this value. Give My Day aims to change this with their youth-focused giving platform.

Give My Day makes it easy for families to get involved. Kids pledge to give their day and ask family and friends to donate to a cause they care about instead of giving them gifts. It takes just a few minutes to set up a fundraising page, select the nonprofit a child would like to support and share the link to the fundraising page on party or event invitations.

"Give My Day offers families a way to practice kindness together through a giving experience that is simple and accessible," says Brooke Hill, Founder of Give My Day. "Instead of children getting a bunch of presents they don't really need, they get to experience what it feels like to make a difference in the world. And that is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give your child."

Give My Day is a win-win for everyone who participates. For kids, it creates a positive experience with giving at an early age. For parents, it provides an easy opportunity to instill generosity in kids, while doing away with the abundance of gifts that kids often do not need. For guests, there is no more last-minute scrambling to try and figure out which gift to buy - instead, partygoers can make a tax-deductible donation to a cause your child cares about and feel good about it.

Brooke's daughter Riley, who raised money for Pencils of Promise on her sixth birthday, says, "It makes me so happy that I can help other kids like me go to school. I want to help more kids next year!"

Parties and events can be not only fun, but also fulfilling when they are associated with important social causes, and that's the mission of Give My Day: to see empathy, kindness and generosity shine in every family.

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