New Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Centers For Addicts Who Need Their Pet During Recovery

The San Diego-based pet friendly drug rehab centers offer patients with a safe and supportive environment, with a positive living experience based on recovery. Pets of the patients are welcomed in the programs.

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Centers and Kevin Leonard are pleased to announce the launch of their programs focused on the rehabilitation of addicts who want and need the companionship of their pets to successfully proceed through the programs. Patients may feel the need for the pet for companionship; others may have no place for the pet to stay while the therapy and treatment program is being completed. With or without pets, patients are provided with a safe and supportive environment.

The rehab programs provide a clean and positive and living experience based on recovery. They offer a new way of living without the use of alcohol or drugs. There are some centers which offer couples pet friendly drug rehab. This arrangement enables couples with a pet to support each other and to maintain the companionship of the beloved pet. Struggling with drugs or alcohol can be very difficult, sometimes feeling that it is impossible to overcome.

The first step in many treatments and recovery programs begins with the detoxification process. The process is medically managed. It is important to note that those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction there is hope. No addiction is too powerful for recovery. Seeking clinical treatment is crucial to get the process started. Detoxification provides a firm foundation on which sobriety can be built and developed. Detox can also be dangerous, especially when done incorrectly.

Pet Friendly Detox programs include clinically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification. The patients receive around-the-clock medical supervision, following a careful evaluation from an addiction recovery specialist, ensuring that each client receives the right detox plan. Primarily, detox involves addiction recovery specialists physically stabilizing the person, and getting drugs and alcohol out of his or her system—at which point, treatment can begin. The companionship of a pet during the process can help the patient to recover more quickly and comfortably.

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