New Online Awareness Campaign Hopes to Deter Drunk Driving in Virginia.

Tucker & Associates PLLC helps spread awareness of DUI offense in Virginia by supporting the newly relased Virginia Faces of Drunk Driving website.

Tucker & Associates PLLC, a Virginia law firm that provides DUI/DWI Defense services has been spreading awareness of deaths caused by DUI/DWI accidents by directing clients to the new Virginia Faces of Drunk Driving website. The Virginia Faces of Drunk Driving website was launched as a public awareness campaign in September 2014. The firm believes that it is the duty of any Virginia DUI defense lawyer to help disseminate awareness of the campaign.

Drunk driving has been a discussion in national public discourse well before 2014. In recent years, state legislatures have been enforcing more stringent DUI/DWI laws in hopes of deterring drunk drivers.

Virginia has been noted as being particularly strict on DUI/DWI offenders. However, in 2013, research has revealed that the state's drunk driving epidemic is still severe. Last year, the state saw the first increase in fatalities caused by drunk driving in six years (, last accessed 10/19/14).

In response to this sobering statistic, Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia has assumed a leadership role in promoting the new awareness campaign. He has assumed strong anit-drunk driving messaging. Recently, the governor publicly stated. "Given that drunk driving is a 100% preventable crime, even one death is too many." (, last accessed 10/19/2014).

The website serves a dual purpose by both spreading awareness of the severity of DUI fatalies in Virginia, while also providing a form of bereavement for familes who have lost a loved one due to a drunk driving accident. The website features stories and photos of real individuals who were killed by a driver who was operating the vehicle under the influence. The site has gained strong support from the public, although there is a minority of online bloggers who consider the site to be too graphic in it's appeal.

Leaderhip at Tucker & Associates PLLC have recognized the value of this campaign and have directed some clients towards the website as motivation for not becoming a repeat DUI/DWI offender. Key individuals at the firm note that a public awareness campaign such as Virginia Faces of Drunk Driving can be a powerful tool in deterring drivers from operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and hope that this information can prevent future tragedies.

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