New Office Yoga–A Simple Tool for Executives To Recharge and Maximize Productivity

Many of today’s top CEOs and business leaders use yoga and meditation as a means to gain the clarity of mind necessary for handling the stress of high level demands. Surya Success™ offers powerful breathing exercises that can sharpen concentration, boost clarity and help busy executives achieve even more than “yoga results” in a fraction of the time.

The integration of health, wealth, and success can be an elusive achievement for many, but the solution may actually be in plain sight. Popular business leaders have turned to yoga and meditation for numerous health benefits, including stress relief and re-energizing. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey have all cited yoga and meditation as essential tools for success, as have many other successful leaders.

Fortunately for today’s busy professional, mastery over daily demands and accumulated stress may be achieved without lengthy excursions in yoga pants. With the launch of a new 12-week Stress Management system by Surya Success™, executives can now achieve unprecedented clarity, confidence, and energy right from the office. Professionals and corporations can join the online program by visiting

Created specifically for the CEO and executive with an already-crowded schedule, this program incorporates the core principle of yoga (breath) into a format so simple, it can be done out of the yoga studio and in the office, with weekly modules that seamlessly integrate into one’s life. The science behind Surya Success has long been practiced by global figures–from respected athletes and scientists to political leaders. Indira Ghandi, Third Prime Minister of India, hailed this science to be “Convenient to follow as a keep-fit routine when one is rushed for time and constantly on the move.”

The CEO of Surya Success, Sandra Galvagny, says “Executives get accustomed to a high level of pressure and strain. By integrating a powerful and effective breathing practice into their day, executives can experience more clarity, confidence, stamina, and overall health.”

Galvagny is also the founder of Galvagnized–a highly recognized brand and interactive agency. She created Surya Success to help executives cope with the pressure and responsibility of a results-driven life. With over 12 years of experience serving Fortune-500 companies and leading iconic brands, Galvagny has a global perspective on the business world and achieving optimal performance. “No matter what business a professional is in,” states Galvagny, “these self-regenerative exercises can be effective tools to enhance well-being and achieve goals at a higher level than ever before.”

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