New Mobile Game Business Opportunity Where People Make Money From Games

New mobile gaming company YOBSN, gives people all over the world the opportunity to play free games, win prizes and earn money. Exciting and affordable new mobile business opportunity.

Make money from games through a new mobile game business opportunity.

Online gaming generates billions of dollars a year for the game makers and producers. A new company has opened the door for the average person to make money from games by distributing them for free in a mobile game business opportunity.

Free online games generate money through sales of in-game items. That’s how YOBSN will make money and how business members will also earn money. People who partner with YOBSN to distribute games will share in the income revenue generator through in-game purchases.

A short video on the website demonstrates how people are making money on the Internet with YOBSN.

“When people play these games and buy in-game items, you get part of that money. This is a new way of making money on the Internet. We show people how they can make money by giving away family friendly, fun, entertaining and educational games for free,” said company Independent Representative Ms Julie Illman.

“This is an exciting way to earn money through mobile devices,” she said. “All you have to do is give away the games, which are free. People love to play online games and they will thank you for recommending these games.”

Media reports show the top Internet games can generate $1 million or more a day in player purchases. YOBSN allows people who distribute their free mobile games, to share in that income.

“With millions of people playing games online every day, spending millions of hours a day playing, the revenue opportunities are tremendous,” Ms. Illman said. “Until now, only game developers were making money on the Internet. Now anyone can make money without knowing anything about programming mobile games. The company develop & create the games. The members are rewarded to give them away.”

Three videos on the website also demonstrate how people earn money through the YOBSN business opportunity. Ms Illman said “Once a YOBSN Owner sets up a network for gamers, this then, will generate residual income for many years. She said “the company allows its members unlimited mobile game distribution.”

“People can recommend the mobile games and send games to as many people as they want to. As more people play our games based on their recommendation, then the YOBSN owner will earn money through our mobile gaming platform” she said. “This is a unique mobile game business opportunity.”

YOBSN owners at the pro plus package level share in the revenue generated by the mobile games.

YOBSN also sets itself apart from other mobile gaming companies by offering real prizes, like iPads, for players whether or not they buy in-game items. If a player wins a prize for playing the game, the person who distributed that game to the player wins the same prize.

“You can win prizes and never play a game,” she said. “You make money from games and have a chance to win great prizes. You don’t even have to like playing games to win prizes.”

YOBSN currently has two games in the Apple store, Bubble Champion and Run Bunny Run. Both are waiting for final approval for distribution through the Android store. Ms. Illman said “the company has many more games in beta stages and development. As these games come online, we anticipate this mobile game business opportunity to rapidly take off and YOBSN to become the next buzz word on the Internet”

YOBSN games also allow players to earn, what they call “Social Points.” The social points can be used for in-game purchases.

“You also earn points from someone who received the game from you. In other words, when they play, they earn points for you,” Ms. Illman said. “This works just like winning prizes. You earn points, prizes and money through mobile gaming.”

A short video at YOBSN clearly explains to people interested in becoming a YOBSN owner, how this new program works.

For more information about YOBSN, its games and how to earn money with this mobile game business opportunity, visit YOBSN. The website also has contact information so gamers and potential owners can ask questions and get answers before deciding what to do.

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