New Mark Zuckerberg company Meta Inc. (ex-Facebook Inc.) as well as other changes will not affect Cyber Investigations

New Mark Zuckerberg company Meta Inc. (ex-Facebook Inc.) will not affect Cyber Investigation Process and Investigative Results at Swiss Security Solutions LLC and its trademarks Cyber Investigative Solutions™ & Swiss Detective Agency™.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is changing its name to Meta. "From now on, we will be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first," he said on Thursday, 28th October 2021. Meta Inc. has offices in 80+ cities worldwide
Across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific; 17 data centres globally to be supported by 100% renewable energy and Headquarters at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA.

Swiss Security Solutions LLC has 220 years of know-how and 80 years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. They are globally operating, and they are authorized by the security department of the state. Till today, they were on the cases worth more than USD 33 billion collectively. They are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance). Swiss Security Solutions LLC is the owner of the Trademarks Cyber Investigative Solutions™, Swiss Detective Agency™ and Private Investigator Switzerland™.

Cyber Investigations and Social Media Intelligence
Executive Board of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC with leadership from Cyber Investigative Solutions™, Swiss Detective Agency™ and Private Investigator Switzerland™ announces, that there will be no changes in the Cyber Investigations and Social Media Intelligence process and results after Facebook Inc. changed their name to Meta Inc. Here we see the standard expected change in the strategy and policy of Facebook Inc. and newborn Meta Inc. but there will be nothing affecting our work and our results.
Meta Inc. (ex Facebook Inc.) announced other products and services which can only optimize and improve our services for the end-user: Corporations, Companies, Family Offices, Legal Services, Investors, Oil & Gas Companies, Governments, high-net individuals, private persons etc.

Cyber Investigations and Social Media Intelligence can be used for following cases:
for cases:
- Reputation & Brand Investigations
- Internet Defamation
- Copyright & Trademark
- Blockchain Investigations and Forensic Services
- Sextortion & Privacy Invasion
- Computer Crime Investigations
- Celebrities, V.I.P., Executives Hacked
- Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud
- Internet Fraud & Online Scams (Scamming)
- International Tax Fraud Cases
- Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Cyber-Mobbing (Harassment)
- Corporate Investigations (e.g. CEO-Fraud, Social Engineering)
- Deep Web Intelligence Services
- Cyber Extortion
- Integrated Investigations (Field & Cyber Investigations)
- Investment scams - Due Diligence (Field & Cyber Due Diligence)
- Fraud with Fake Online-Shops, Fake-Lottery, Inheritance-Scam, false billing, Travel prize, Charities, Dating & Romance, Jobs etc.
- Internet Monitoring Services

As Cyber Investigations and Social Media Intelligence are Global and Swiss Services, which are mostly used for the listed cases, but also as integral part of any private investigation and surveillance service, you may contact Swiss Security Solutions LLC from any part of the World, USA, Americas, Australia, Asia, Russia, China, Europe, EU, England, United Kingdom etc.
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