New Magazine: The World of Piano Competitions

Published by PIANIST, the premiere issue of "The World of Piano Competitions" is freely distributed to an international audience

Piano Street is proud to announce a collaborative effort with the magazine PIANIST to distribute the first issue of a new magazine, “The World of Piano Competitions.” The purpose of the magazine is to provide rich insights into the unique world of international piano competitions told through the vision of producers and participants.

“The piano enjoys a tremendous popularity worldwide and has the universal quality to be able to communicate through cultures, history, and geographical borders”, stated spokesperson Patrick Jovell. “The value of piano competitions cannot be overestimated in terms of focus on the piano as an instrument and piano playing. The competition industry engages a multiplicity of concerns including hi-end piano manufacturing, media coverage and broadcast, repertoire spotlight and pedagogy, concert and lecture production and not least, career opportunity and exposure for laureates and non-laureates. All this contributes to a richer cultural life and can powerfully promote the aim we all share: to spread the joy and riches of the art of piano playing.”

”Piano music, especially live, is incomparable and can be a great source of joy for players and listeners”, said Guido Zimmermann, President of Steinway & Sons Europe. “We all should strive to allow as many people benefit from it as possible. For that, this edition of The World of Piano Competitions is an excellent form of encouragement. I hope its message spreads widely! I wish everyone much joy reading it and, later on, attending a concert!”

“The new magazine is set to be published two times a year by PIANIST as a part of the regular edition, as well as around the world as an entirely separate magazine,” continued Jovell. “Right now, the regular edition of PIANIST is published four times a year in Germany, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria. Our goal is to help ensure that this magazine reaches everyone in the piano world who may find the information helpful, informative, or useful in their studies or appreciation of this type of music.”

The premiere edition of the magazine is currently available as a free download online. The magazine will continue to be free and available online for those who want to view what it has to offer.

Additional information about the launch of this new magazine can be found by visiting PIANIST’s website or and by checking out the Piano Forum.


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